View Full Version : Get Stinky

09-11-2010, 07:34 PM
I need help with realm of stinkers the first level. I have gotten all the way through and went to the stinky pool but it didn't finish that level. Am i supposed to do something with the slugs? Please help me get through the level so I can go on with the game.

12-09-2012, 11:38 PM
I know this is an old question, but it might always help someone else with the same question playing the game later. Once you're stinky, you have to go back -- jump over the clear water pool and climb the ladder -- to the second-to-last Ooga-dude you talked to, while still stinky. It wears off fast (you can tell by your color), so you have to be very quick.

It took me umpteen tries and was one of the more frustrating pieces of the game for me, since it was so much harder than most of the rest, and I am not very good at speed in these games. But if I can get it -- and I eventually did -- then anyone can. :)