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09-12-2010, 12:40 AM
The wisdom tree told me how to cheat, press LB, RB, Left Trigger, Right Trigger. The xbox message input window will appear, then you can enter these cheats.

Mustache - zombies now have mustaches

Future - gives the zombie futuristic shades

Trickedout - alternate lawnmower appearance

Daisies - zombies leave behind daisies when killed

Pinata - a shower of candy when the zombie dies

Sukhbir - toggles the zombies call for brains

Dance - makes the zombies dance

Now, you can have multiple cheats active at once, and there should be no reason why they would mess with achievements as they are just cosmetic. Some you need to have your wisdom tree to be a certain height first in order to turn on, and when you want a cheat to turn off, just type it again.