View Full Version : Annoying things in Sniper: Ghost Warrior

09-13-2010, 11:19 AM
if they just did an extra work, things like these wouldn't happen:

* you have to jump over 5 cm high obstacles
* enemies talking, still after being shot
* not being able to crawl, except under the hut in the level Steal From Under Their Noses
* an elite sniper getting a heart rate over 200 after sprinting 50 meters
* secrets being numerized in a proper way
* cut scenes like the one where you're in the boat and have to hide from choppers... twice!
* voice telling you to do obvious things, or tell you not to kill enemies that you actually can kill to make progress faster (ie. first mission when told to hide in the bushes. just kill the damn soldiers)
* not being equipped with grenades at all time
* autoaim sometimes seem to happen, and sometimes not

sorry about this post. i was going through the game over again looking for secret #6, and had to rant!

12-09-2010, 05:31 PM
You would think they would put more effort in a game like this

01-17-2011, 04:11 PM
i am currently playing this on hard at the minute i am on the 3rd level, were you take out the sniper in the church tower and then the sniper on the pylon.

that is fine, but after the cut scene i automatically get shot, before the cut scene finishes, this is really frustrating i have tried other methods but nothing works,

does anyone have any tips for getting through this!!

Plus the engine used is terrible, hiding behind certain objects when lying down, you still get shot? wtf

01-23-2011, 05:30 AM
I started playing this game tonight. I despise it already. I can't see who the hell is shooting me half the time and the enemies seem way too accurate from too far away. I can't even do the old peek and shoot. I peek and my head gets half blown off. I peek again and I'm dead. This is on normal...

I've played tons of FPS over the year and this one seems like a much more annoying version of Perfect Dark Zero minus co-op, big weapon selection, gadgets, and at least some kind of fun factor.

I'm not even done the first act and they are already taking the sniper rifle away and now Im fighting these idiots with a machine gun but the 4 or 5 guys I can't see are shooting me dead before I even know where to fire the rounds. ARGGGHH.

In my head I thought it would be a game that was just a series of Ghillie in the Mist levels, fun, rewarding, and not too hard but the reality is an annoying game that is confusing

I can never see muzzle flash unless I am looking down on the enemies from above. That might be the thing I hate the most. lol