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Never Final
09-14-2010, 01:15 AM
Ill update this as I go through the game. (Seeing as tonight is Reach launch I may not get it done til later.)

For those that dont know about the glitch. You can go through each level on easy and kill yourself (with a grenade or environment explosive) after the final checkpoint and change the difficulty to hard and complete it and it counts as doing it all on hard.

Now Ill say this. This game is still very easy on hard. Couple parts here and there that will give you problems but other then that its a cake walk. Im simply using the method to get through the game quicker as I have it on loan.

Interval 01: Sanctuary

After you open the secret door with the music box. There are no enemies after this checkpoint.

Interval 02: Awakening

Final checkpoint is after you are thrown out of the tube after the cutscene. (The same area as Deadly Ballet) There are enemies after this checkpoint.

Interval 03: Discovery

Final checkpoint is just before you walk in the room with the officer on the operating table saying "You have to save her". He's being stabbed by the needles that look like reflex boosters. There are no enemies after this checkpoint.

Interval 04: Withdrawal

Final checkpoint is as the place starts to blow and you are walking up some stairs. You will go through a doorway and get the checkpoint. There are no enemies but there is environmental damage after this checkpoint.

Interval 05: Replica

Final checkpoint is after you turn the second to last valve before the big fight. You will have to do the fight on hard to complete the level as there is no checkpoint after it. Other then that fight there are no enemies afterward.

10-14-2010, 05:38 AM
Since this could be useful for people, I'm going to add to this seeing as it hasn't been updated in a month.

Interval 6: Ruin
No combat required for this one as the final checkpoint is literally right in front of the door that ends the level. This door is in the same area in which you fight two power armors and shoot down generators in order to pass over previously electrified water.

Interval 7: Top
Another one that requires no combat. When you finish the sequence where you control the power armor, you will exit through a door and follow a straightforward path to some scenes and the end of the level. Along the path the game will save, so simply drop a few grenades at your feet and reload on Hard.

Interval 8: Elementary
Once again there is no combat should you use this method. After battling a power armor and then a number of soldiers across the rooftops you will receive a checkpoint. After the checkpoint turn the gas off using the red valve, then step over the rubble and follow the path past the downed helicopter to end the level.

Interval 9: Nurse's Office
After taking the elevator down from the Principal's Office, you will get the final checkpoint. To finish, you'll have to fight through a room with three enemies and then four more in the next room. Then open the door to the Nurse's Office and launch the bluebird.exe program to end the level.

Interval 10: Snake Fist
After fighting four ninjas, you go down some stairs to an elevator. The elevator will open and a single ninja will come out. Ride the elevator down for the final checkpoint - there will be two soldiers in the nearby room and two more in the hallway before the end of the level.

Interval 11: Keegan
After the train crashes and runs over two soldiers on the tracks, you'll fight a few guys in the area and pick up the final intel of the mission along with an armor. Hop on top of the crashed train and kill the two soldiers, then jump down on the opposite side. This gives you the final checkpoint, and you'll only have to kill the one soldier running through the nearby door before the mission ends.

Interval 12: Epicenter
After the sequence in which you pilot the Power Armor, you will receive a checkpoint, after which you can kill yourself and finish the level on Hard. The only "enemies" for the remainder of the level are ghosts, and they are not hostile.

Interval 13: Approach
After riding the tram to Still Island, you will receive the final checkpoint of the mission. A few button mashing events are all that stand between you and the end of the mission - another easy one!

Interval 14: Climax
Once you extend the bridge and strap yourself into the chair, you will watch a scene. After the scene you end up in another "world". You will fight one wave of about 4-5 enemies, and activate a panel, after which you will get the final checkpoint. There are a couple more waves of enemies and a quick time event before the mission (and the game) is over. Keep in mind you don't have to kill every enemy, you merely have to make in to the console/panel and press a button.