View Full Version : The final Kanbe (small) easy mode

09-14-2010, 04:58 AM
Mahalo has a great guide on how to beat Mutant Kanbe.

"88: Now, it's time to fight Kanbe hand-to-hand. NOTE: If you lose here, you'll see the game's bad ending. You can still restart the battle, from the last checkpoint, but there's a cutscene to watch first.

89: Hold LT to block the first attack. Tap X as fast as you can during the next two button prompts to do some damage.

90: Follow this by immediately switching to the Ninja Blade, then executing a few attacks.

91: Kanbe is vulnerable to unaimed Thunder Shuriken. Get close to him and throw the Shuriken right in his face, then hit him head on with the Stonerender. Hit X until you see Ken do his slam down attack, then retreat.

92: Repeat this strategy until Kanbe's energy is depleted, then approach him and press A to begin the Todome.

93: This part is easy. Prses X, then Y. When the action slows down, press Y to execute the final attack.

94: Enjoy the final cutscene. You've just beaten Ninja Blade. Don't forget, if you collected all nine Shinobi Moji, you can return to Mission.005 at the sealed off path for a special weapon. "

If that's too hard to follow here's a video of someone beating him:
credit to Mahalo