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1) How many people are on a baseball team? And how do I know who is in the team or on the bench in mlb2k6?

Major League teams have 25 players on the active roster until after September 1st when the roster expands to 40 (this is done to give Major League teams a chance to try out minor league players after the minor league season concludes).

You will have 9 players in a game at any given time (unless you play in the American League, which utilizes the Designated Hitter rule- which allows a hitter to hit instead of the pitcher - as they typically are poor hitters). In MLB2K6, the New York Yankees have the best offense. Use the default lineup.

2) Is there a way to set your defense on permanent deep cover? To save setting it for every batter. Trying to get the robbery achievement

You can do that. Check the instruction manual to see how to move the defense. The robbery achievement is frustrating as you are not often given the option to rob the homerun.

3) With super bunts cheat on I hit a home run every time or miss completely, whats the best thing to do to get a base hit/run as if I take the cheat off I only bunt it a few yards. Can manage a steal once I actually get someone on a base lol but takes me a few innings to get there.

With the player editor sliders you can juice up your players. Swinging the bat is easier than bunting homeruns.

Stealing is easily done if you turn the speed up and run all of the time.