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09-21-2010, 08:50 PM
As you all know, before you start a game, you get the option of picking a ship to use on your adventure... Here's a little guide on what each ship does and how the Upgrades affect the Ship's as well...

They all unlock at various points as you play through the game and fill up the Gene bar when you finish the level...

Also to be added later will be which weapon(s) are good to use on the level bosses (1-6, 2-6 and so on)

Here we go!

Ship #1 Rapid (Rapidly fires beams)

Initial Use - Standard single line of beams
Upgrade 1 - Single line of Beams still with extra power
Upgrade 2 - Fires 2 lines of Beams
Upgrades 3-5 - Continues to fire 2 Beams, but each upgrade makes the beams stronger till maxed out.

Ship #2 Search (Fires curving lasers towards Enemy)

Initial Use - Fires and curves locating Target
All Upgrades - Each upgrade speeds up the targeting, speed and strength of the Laser.

When fully upgraded the laser will go through multiple targets if there are any lined up behind the initial target.

Ship #3 Wave (Fires a shock-wave that spreads horizontally)

Initial Use - Fires shock-wave at standard length and speed.
All Upgrades - Each upgrade speeds up the shot, makes beams stronger and makes the shot wider as it travels up the field of play and hitting any and every target in the path no matter if it's behind another enemy or not

This weapon is great to use as well, I didn't start using it till more towards the end of the game when I couldn't do much with the Field ship.

Ship #4 Lock-On (Locks on to enemies in front and back of you and fires a homing laser)

Initial Use - Single lock-on
Upgrade 1 - Single lock-on, stronger homing laser
Upgrade 2 - 2 Targets, more attack power
Upgrade 3 - 3 Targets, more attack power
Upgrades 4 and 5 - Multiple Target Locks (Unsure how many, can't count that fast), more attack power.

When fully Upgraded, this weapon can be used for the most part till you get the Field Weapon, which gets explained in a little bit. It's great for bosses that move around a lot cause the lock always stays with the enemy

Ship #5 Gravity (Fires Black Hole that increases in power as it sucks in Enemy shots)

Initial Use - Once an enemy is hit, it destroys that enemy and anything surrounding that enemy that's within the Black Hole Radius.
All Upgrades - Black Hole Radius increases with each upgrade till it takes up a decent portion of the playing field.

As the description states, if enemy shots are sucked into the Black Hole, the power does increase, especially if the radius is maxed out.

Ship #6 Round (Fires an energy blast that destroys enemy shot BEHIND your ship)

Initial Use - Small energy blasts are shot out of the little probe type things staying next to the main ship.
All Upgrades - Each one makes the energy blasts larger and more frequent.

This is probably the most confusing Ship to use in the entire game because you have to think opposite to use it.

For example: To Fire up, you have to move down; to fire down, you have to move up; to fire right, you have to move left and to fire left, you have to move right. And so on and so forth.

Ship #7 Field (Automatically attacks enemies within the expanded field) [The Power of the attacks will increase if the field's size is cut in half]

Initial Use - Have a decent size field expansion
All Upgrades - Every upgrade the field is expanded till is takes up most of the playing field

Easily the best Ship in the game, easy to rack up a high chain and score.

Ship #8 Option (Probes known as 'Options' accompany your ship, eliminating enemy fire and attacking at your command)

Initial Use - Start out with 1 'Option'
All Upgrades - Each upgrade adds another 'Option' till you have 7 total

All shots fired damage any enemy it hits, kind of like the Wave ship, the Main ship itself fires 2 rockets every time the button is pushed. The 'Options' fire one rocket at a time.

All 'Options' follow main ship around using whatever path was used. So if you make a circle with your main ship, all the 'Options' will follow the same path taken to complete the circle. The 'Options' also absorb any small enemy fire they encounter, so as long as your main ship is protected by the 'Options'.

Ship #9 - Variable (Fires and angularly adjustable laser cutter)

Initial Use - Laser extend a short distance from the little probes that are on either side of the main ship.
All Upgrades - Each upgrade extends the lasers out further from the ship until they pretty much reach the top of the screen.

You're movements adjust where the lasers are pointed. When you move up the playing field, the lasers spread out. When you move down the laser move inward and cross each other. I'm assuming anything hit by the focal point where the lasers meet takes the most damage.

The Lasers also work a lot like the Field ship, anything coming in contact with the lasers is either damaged or practically destroyed.

Ship #10 Classic

Fires a powerful Beam that stops the flow of time around enemies.

This Ship cannot be upgraded. You can still destroy UFO's and collect orbs, but nothing upgrades, the only thing that changes is your score.

This Ship is also the very last item to be unlocked in the game, so between Variable and Classic ships, is a lot of Background Music (BGM as it's called in the game) to be unlocked.

That's that for all the Ships of the game. If anyone has anything to add or think something could be changed, point it out here or send me a message!

09-21-2010, 08:51 PM
Coming Soon!

What weapons work best on bosses!!

If anyone has any input, please feel free to post and I'll add it! Will get started on this very soon!

09-23-2010, 07:57 PM
well no doubt the field ship works best on the final boss. just go near the middle of the map and hold the button down. damages the boss AND destroys all the bullets it fires.

As for the moon, sun and the giant ufo. To me they were extremely easy to take down with the lock-on ship.

09-24-2010, 08:47 AM
Mentioned this in the guide thread, but the Classic ship will take out almost every boss in one shot. Very handy in Challenge mode if you've got it unlocked.

09-24-2010, 02:52 PM
What I think I'll end up doing is trying out most of the weapons on the bosses and jotting down which ones work the best, listing the most easiest one to use first...