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09-22-2010, 11:15 AM
since it's out i thought i would post the achievements. i don't have the pictures for them but at least the list is up.

Defeat Acland - successfully complete Act 1 / 20G

Defeat the Dreadnaught - successfully complete Act 2 / 20G

Slide Queen - Defeat 100 enemies using slide / 20G

Kitten Power - Complete any level without losing health / 30G

Unfriendly Fire - Defeat 5,000 enemies / 25G

Speedy Kitten - Total best level times of 90 minutes or less / 20G

Weaporisseur - Purchase all the Free Blades from Hundert Tonne / 10G

Fashionista - Purchase all the costumes from Hundert Tonne / 10G

Loot to Boot - Find all the treasure chests in the game / 20G

Nine Lives - Die nine times in any one level / 10g

The Kit Fu is Strong in This One - Defeat 10 enemies in a row without losing health /10G

Invisible Bike - Perch on and throw an enemy / 5G