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These are rough descriptions on getting gold rankings on all levels. They aren't the only way, so if you are having trouble still try something different. Almost every one of them is a time challenge, so I would suggest equipping the Diamond Dash Battleset for most. For the boss battles I suggest the Iron Fortitude, since you must beat the boss without dying. Bonus Mission rankings will not be covered here, but you can check that specific achievement description in the guide for more details on them. You can replay any missions over again after completing them. The current medal you have is displayed to the left of the level name on mission select.

An Ally in the Sand (Desert of Kundeer)
Gold Requirement: Rescue Streak in 4:00 min.
When the mission loads, fight off the bats at the start. Now follow the remaining enemy who leads you to Streak. Once you get to the area you will have to fight more enemies. After they are done, you will be prompted to press :abut: on the cage that Streak is in. After you have done that, you must then defeat more enemies. The timer is for completing the whole mission in 4:00 minutes or less, not just when you save Streak in the level itself. If you come back to this level, the :ybut: :ybut: :ybut: combo will kill the crows quickly. Equip the Diamond Dash if you have it.

Desert Eagle (Desert of Kundeer)
Gold Requirement: Find t he bat hideout in 08:30 min.
This mission involves defeating all enemies around and attacking various hideouts until you find the secret one. Just use the :ybut: attack on everything if you have it, if not you’ll need to combo :xbut: perfectly. Also remember to use your wingmen.

Thieves in the Night (Desert of Kundeer)
Gold Requirement: Rescue the owlets in 06:30 min.
You must follow 3 bats and save the owlets and bring them back to a next. It helps to lock on with :lbbut:. Use up on your :rs: to corkscrew once you get close to the bat, then press :abut: when prompted. Do this quickly avoiding rocks and once you have save all 3, you will have to fight bats to end the level.

Into the Hideout (Desert of Kundeer)
Gold Requirement: Flush out the bats in 03:30 min.
Pick up the coals with :abut: target the green glowing cages. Destroy them with 2 coals each (total of 8 to destroy). Now finish off the 8 bats left and you’ll win this easy level.

The Chieftain Strikes (Desert of Kundeer)
Gold Requirement: Defeat Chieftain with no lives lost.
You’ll have to throw coals at the Chieftain to kill him, your Wingmen will not attack him nor will your own attacks work. The only annoying thing about this fight is other bats whom you accidently lock onto, or make you counter while you’re trying to aim. If you have it, Iron Fortitude works perfect here. It might be best to come back with that said Battleset, since you can beat the boss in about 2 and a half minutes with it.

Pure One’s Pursuit (Forest Kingdom of Tyto)
Gold Requirement: Reach the headquarters in 07:00 min.
This mission starts out with you following the enemy. If you’re a safe distance the icon on your HUD will be green . If you get too far or too close you’ll risk failing the mission. This is represented by a red icon. The hard part is remembering to read those words that tell you too far or too close instead of assuming yourself. After following, you’ll be in a fight followed by the game telling you to flee to your headquarters. Ignore all enemies and fly there.

Resistance Evacuation (Forest Kingdom of Tyto)
Gold Requirement: All carriers survive
Your headquarters will be attacked by 6 enemies. Kill them all. Now you will have to escort. First there will be 1 owl, then 2, then 2 again. You must not let them die, which can actually be pretty tough. Use your wingmen as much as possible to keep the enemies occupied. The :ybut: :ybut: :ybut: :xbut: combo works well if you have it unlocked. The game tells you when an owl has not survived. If this happens and let’s say you’re 10 minutes into the level, then die on purpose which might take a few minutes on it’s own. Then continue from the point in escorting them. A Battleset with good attack might work best here.

Lighting the Way (Forest Kingdom of Tyto)
Gold Requirement: Light all the torches in 6:00 min.
If you ignore all enemies and just aim for lighting all of the torches, you should easily be able to get this level complete in 4:00 minutes or so. You should also buy/equip the battleset Diamond Dash for maximum speed.

Fire Fight (Forest Kingdom of Tyto)
Gold Requirement: All carriers survive
This missions involves escorting, so you will have to keep attacking enemies to keep them off of your allies. As long as you keep on attacking and using your wingman powers, you should be able to do this very easily. Use combos like :ybut:, ybut:, :xbut: on crows and for owls use :bbut: as your last part of the combo to get them out of the way (as they have more health).

Pure Retaliation (Forest Kingdom of Tyto)
Gold Requirement: Destroy the fort in 09:00 min.
This mission is actually one of the tougher ones even at 9:00 minutes. You must take out all the turrets, all the enemies, and then a few elite enemies at the end. The problem with this level is the restrictions on flight. Many times you will be fighting an enemy and be told you are going out of bounds because you are too far away from the base you have to knock down. Using Diamond Dash Battleset actually helped quite a bit so that you can get to the turrets faster.

Race to Retreat (Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
Gold Requirement: Finish the race in 03:00 min.
You need the Diamond Dash batteset equipped. Race through the rings only missing up to 5 of them. You should be able to complete this race in about 2:45 within a couple attempts. This is a fairly easy challenge as long as you have the battleset with maximum speed on.

A Curious Convoy (Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
Gold Requirement: Survive the assault in 08:00 min.
This is a pretty tough mission. You’ll be fighting a ton of enemies among one you can’t use :ybut: on. You might barely pass this in the amount of time it gives you. You can use a speed based or attack based Battleset to help.

Shard to the Rescue (Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
Gold Requirement: Rescue the monks in 08:30 min.
There are enemies flying with cages containing the monks. You must defeat all enemies around the cages that are being flown to the enemy camp. Once you defeat the enemies attack the cage. Diamond Dash helps this since you have to travel a decent amount.

Batle at the Mine (Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
Gold Requirement: Destroy the facility in 06:00 min.
After defeating the enemies guarding the entrance to the area with the pillars you must destroy, grab coals and destroy the pillars. Ignore everything else, as the pillars are what end the mission.

The Queen’s Game (Glauxian Brothers Retreat)
Gold Requirement: Defeat the Queen with no lives lost.

The queen can only be attacked with with the :xbut: for the most part. Chain as much as you can on her. Make sure you have the Iron Fortitude Battleset equipped as well. She will start calling in a force field and you must take out 3 of the sources by targeting and hitting them. Afterwards you have only a short time to attack her as much as you can before the force field is created again. The most frusterating part of the battle is the targeting system not targeting the boss, but targeting other enemies.

No Owl Gets Left Behind (The Beaks)
Gold Requirement: Escape the Beaks in 05:00 min.
This is a very short mission where all you have to do is fight enemies. You can equip a Battleset with more offense if you’d like to make things go faster. Use your Wingmen on enemies and then focus on a different enemy to speed things up. You should be able to manage this mission in merely 3 minutes.

Defense Destruction (The Beaks)
Gold Requirement: Destroy all defenses in 07:30 min.
You should focus on speed in this mission, so equip the Diamond Dash. Focus on the killing everything in the first section and taking out the turrets. In the second section, only focus on the turrets because the mission will end once they are destroyed. Just avoid enemies for this last part.

Breaking the Signal (The Beaks)
Gold Requirement: Destroy the tower in 4:30 min.
In this mission you will want the Diamond Dash. Ignore all enemies and just go for the towers that the game tells you to destroy (the rocks with the colorful glow that is bad to get close to). After destroying the one on the top, the mission will be over.

Clawing Towards the Forge (The Beaks)
Gold Requirement: Reach the forge in 07:00 min.
You can go either Diamond Dash or Iron Fortitude for this mission. You will be facing new tougher enemies, but will also be needing to travel a decent distance after each battle. Throwing the enemies works very well here, as the level is in a cave type area. You have no wingmen in this mission.

Allomere’s Fury (The Beaks)
Gold Requirement: Defeat Allomere with no lives lost.
You will want to equip yourself with the Iron Fortitude Battleset for this mission. Beat the enemies, chase Allomere, then defeat him. It’s actually quite easy for being the last level.

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Nice info mate, some of these will be a pain in the arse to gold medal, but I guess replaying with better battlesets will help!!

True Marvellous
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I've got a best of 3.45 on no owl gets left behind yet I'm only been given a silver!!!!

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Very helpful, thank you very much for the guide :)

Helped me get the Gold Medal on my first attempt each mission :woop:

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Very helpful, thank you very much for the guide :)

Helped me get the Gold Medal on my first attempt each mission :woop:

You my man are a GOD!! A couple of missions have taken me a few tries, wish I could have saved time and got gold on every mission first attempt