View Full Version : Perfect Race

09-28-2010, 04:04 PM
i havent played this game alot (untill tomorrow when i have a day of college) and i have finally had a race where there were no bug or glitches, and it was brilliant. it was on montreal and that made it better. there was no stupid penalty that should not have been even a warning, everyone pitted and there was brilliant battles with the AI the hole way down the field. there was even the crash when i dived up the inside of petrov and massa going in to the hairpin. petrov turned in on me mid corner (it is nice to see codies got the driving styles right) then we both ran wide, massa went up the inside of me on the exit and hit my rear wheel. he spun and petrov hit the wall and lost his front wing, while i got past both of them without a scratch :woop:. this game is brilliant and im glad that there planning a patch so hopefully every race will be like this soon