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09-28-2010, 06:24 PM
Here is exactly what the new tuner sets for this week did.

-Increase post-whistle penalties when the post-whistle rules are set to Authentic.

It was correctly noted that penalties for post-whistle antics were not called often with the Authentic settings so it has been tuned to happen more often. This will only have an effect if the Post Whistle Rules setting is on Authentic.

-Small increase in goalie acceleration (part way between previous tuner and original values).

The change made in the previous tuning update had the desired effect of increasing goal scoring, but it can afford to be reduced a bit and the change made playing as a human controlled goalie difficult. Goalie acceleration was increased for all cases, but moreso for when the goalie is standing than in butterfly.

-Increase CPU player fatigue when hustling to correspond with human players.

This is correcting a bias that favored CPU players. The intent was that CPU teammates shouldn't use up all of the energy in modes without controller locking, but it affects all all CPU teams and CPU players in locked modes too, which gave the CPU players an unfair advantage.

-Increase effect of the shot accuracy slider at the bottom end (offline games only).

This is intended primarily so that players who play with long period lengths can create a more authentic game. More tuning to this will be possible following the patch.

-Stop CPU goalie from passing the puck out sometimes even when nobody was calling for it. (OTP/EASHL only).

CPU goalies would pass the puck out without anyone calling for it and if the player he intended to receive it was skating away the puck would be left in a very dangerous position.

-Reduce tendency for aggressive goalies to skate out to play the puck in dangerous situations (HUT and Versus only)

Goalies with high Puck Playing Frequency (like Turco) would be too aggressive in going out to play a puck that an opponent or teammate would get to immediately after. The change makes them less aggressive at the extreme.
The last change will probably be brought to offline later.

M A N I K Fury
09-29-2010, 03:07 AM
do the tuners effect eashl at all?? its the mode i play most and for all these update it says if its set to authentic and stuff like that, so i was just wondering if all these tuners they set out effect online/ eashl play.

09-30-2010, 06:46 AM
I am not sure. I guess that they affect all game modes unless otherwise stated.