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lenny m
09-28-2010, 07:16 PM
i had a thought earlier. what was your most eventful race. Here is mine.

Track: Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America
Car: Lotus
Game Mode: Career
Weather: Heavy Rain

Event 1: Start of the race, cars sliding across the track. Started last as couldnt be bothered qualifying as not much time on my hands. First corner, climb 4 places after cutting on the inside. A car hits me from behind and I! YES i!! get the 10 second penalty.

Event 2: Still on first lap, Sutil has a spin and I accidently hit him because I had poor visibility due to heavy Rain. Result: Drive Through.

Event 3: By the time I served by drive-through, I was 9th with many cars coming in for front wings. I put the Pit Limiter where it told me to brake, and yet I get ANOTHER DRIVE THROUGH for SPEEDING, by 1mph.

Event 4: I served my other Drive Through and while driving through, I get smacked at the back of my car by another car released into me. Thats my Downforce gone.

Event 5: 12th place, final lap. I had to get at least a point., Final corner where Hamilton won the world championship. Vettel, sutil, hulkenburg all in front of me slide off after going into standing water. I creep round the inside only for me to have a wheel smashed off due to Vettel being a twat coming back onto the track. I scurried home 10th

09-28-2010, 08:26 PM
istanbul in career -

1. Wet race made the start a bit tricky. button spinning at the first corner, when i looked back all i saw was a big cloud of debris go flying up in the air so i guess he got hit.

2. petrov spun around turn 8 on the first lap at full speed. didnt see him again

3. rain eased off for a couple of laps, a couple of people came in for inters. it then rain heavy again. their race over.

4. loads of people starting spinning at first corner including me.

5. i grabbed one down shift to many coming off that long back straight into the hairpin. car went sideways, had to make a great save and then had to defend loads untill turn 3 on the next lap. almost forced kubica into the wall on the pit straight.

6. massa spun on the last lap promoting me to 5th. had to react quick to avoid him though. he was right on the racing line out of turn 8. had to turn right on to the run off area and then couldnt turn back quick because of lack of grip.

but yh finished 5th so good race. love the wet