View Full Version : Why oh why do they keep doing it!

09-30-2010, 11:58 PM
Every year EA make the demo awesome and more realistic. The demo is always set at a tempo that feel just right. Then it seems that at the last second they decide to put every player on steroids to satisfy all the little tiddlywinks out there that would cry and bitch about it being slow and boring if set otherwise.

They also seem to be going down the same path as Pro Evo in terms of a ref system. So far I've had 5 penalties against me which all resulted in straight reds, for winning the ball clearly and fairly. The thing that made me laugh most is that the replays show the fair challenge over and over in slo mo and close up, clearly showing it was perfectly fine. It might not be a problem with the ref system, but theres definitely something well off with the colission detection. Either that or some fanny thinks footy is a non physical sport and we just shouldnt bother going to ground anymore.

On the plus side FIFA 11 is selling for 50 quid on ebay, if only footy manager wasnt so far away :(

10-01-2010, 02:39 PM
Agreed with every word you said. I thought the demo was a massive difference compared to 10 and just felt...realistics so i had so much anticipation for this year! But then i play a few games and realise that theres barely any improvement in gameplay whatsoever :/