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10-01-2010, 04:08 PM
Hi! I want to make perfect character in Fallout 3 GOTY. This will be my character distribution. Tell me what do you guys think about it.

Sex: Female
S 5
P 7
E 5
C 1
I 9
A 7
L 6
Tag Skills: Barter, Speech, and Repair

Lockpick +6 (25) means i add 6 points and have total 25 points

Level 2
Lockpick +6 (25), Repair +7 (45), Explosives +6 (25) [needed for Power of Atom]
Perk: Black Widow
AND Bobblehead (Intelligence) Taken
Level 3
Repair +20 (67)
Perk: Daddy's Girl
Level 4
Repair +20 (87)
Perk: Educated
Level 5
Repair +1 (88), Barter +22 (44)
Perk: Comprehension
Level 6
Barter +23 (67)
Perk: Toughness
Level 7
Lockpick +20 (45), Barter +3 (70)
Perk: Bloody Mess
Level 8
Lockpick +23 (68)
Perk: Strong Back
Level 9
Lockpick +11 (79), Medicine +12 (42)
Perk: Commando
Level 10
Medicine +23 (65)
Perk: Finesse
Level 11
Science +6 (36), Medicine +17 (82)
Perk: Mysterious Stranger
Level 12
Science +23 (59)
Perk: Sniper
Level 13
Speech +18 (40), Science +5 (64)
Perk: Fast Metabolism
Level 14
Speech +23 (63)
Perk: Cyborg
Level 15
Small Guns +16 (35), Speech +7 (70)
Perk: Nerd Rage!
Level 16
Small Guns +23 (58)
Perk: Better Criticals
Level 17
Small Guns +21 (79), Energy Weapons +2 (31)
Perk: Action Girl
Level 18
Energy Weapons +23 (54)
Perk: Tag! [Science +15 (79)]
Level 19
Energy Weapons +23 (77)
Perk: Concentrated Fire
Level 20
Energy Weapons +5 (82), Explosives +18 (43)
Perk: Grim Reaper's Sprint
Level 21
Explosives +23 (66)
Perk: Gunslinger
Level 22
Sneak +7 (26), Explosives +16 (82)
Perk: Quantum Chemist [Nuka Granade]
Level 23
Sneak +23 (49)
Perk: Explorer [easier to make Bog Traveller achievement]
Level 24
Sneak +23 (72)
Perk: Robotics Expert
Level 25
Sneak +10 (82), Melee Weapons +13 (28)
Perk: Entomologist
Level 26
Melee Weapons +23 (51)
Perk: Nerves of Steel
Level 27
Melee Weapons +23 (74)
Perk: Warmonger [Shishkebab and Nuka Granades]
Level 28
Unarmed +19 (34), Melee Weapons +4 (78)
Perk: Puppies! [all companions glitch]
Level 29
Unarmed +23 (57)
Perk: Adamantium Skeleton
Level 30
Unarmed +21 (89), Big Guns +2 (29)
Perk: Almost Perfect

Important quest perks:
Covert Ops
Survival Guru (+6 Medicine and Science)

Now I collect all other bobbleheads (medicine and energy weapons will be collected durning Future Imperfect and The American Dream quests) and my stats will be:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. - 10 all
Lockpick 97 (+3 from Covert Ops)
Small Guns 97 (+3 from Covert Ops)
Science 91 (+3 from Covert Ops, +6 from Survival Guru)
Medicine 94 (+6 from Survival Guru)
Big Guns 37 (I can max this with unlimited books from glitch)
Other 100

What do you guys think?

10-02-2010, 12:27 PM
What the.... i dont even.... yeah looks great.:confused:

10-03-2010, 04:14 AM
i think it needs a little tweaking. this is advice from experience, having built a perfect character myself.

I 9

you've got broken steel, so don't do this. you can get a far better end-game character build if you drop your INT to 4, and use the extra 5 points to get better perks.

INT 9, run to rivet city made a lot of sense before the extra 10 levels. but if you've got time to kill, and a max level of 30, INT 4 is all you need. why 4? so you can take comprehension, and collect skill books. nearly every skill book, actually.

then you want to avoid picking up any SPECIAL bobblehead until level 30.

Tag Skills: Barter, Speech, and Repair

i honestly forget what skills i tagged. it's mostly irrelevant. you'll have 100 in everything by the end of the game. well before it, really.

Perk: Daddy's Girl
Perk: Educated

with an INT of 4, comprehension, and the willingness to explore the entire map collecting skill books, ANY perk that raises skills is a complete waste of time. avoid them like the plague. between the bobbleheads, comprehension, and the skill books, you'll easily hit 100 in everything without them.

Perk: Nerd Rage!

you want to never be at the point where this will be useful.

Perk: Tag! [Science +15 (79)]


Perk: Quantum Chemist [Nuka Granade]waste. you'll easily have 30 before starting the quest, and you won't find them very useful with action boy/girl, and everything else maxed out.
Perk: Explorer [easier to make Bog Traveller achievement]

waste. you can easily find all locations without it.

Perk: Nerves of Steel

sounds useful, but doesn't work effectively +1 AP every 10 seconds is very few points over a very long time. AP regenerates fast enough on its own, and with grim reaper's sprint, you won't ever need it to.

Perk: Warmonger [Shishkebab and Nuka Granades]

waste. it's easy enough to find all the schematics.

Perk: Puppies! [all companions glitch]

companions just die in combat anyways. dogmeat is useful to have, but i leave her at home until i need her to find something. you're going to find yourself using the chinese stealth armor a lot, and so the companions won't be very useful.

Survival Guru (+6 Medicine and Science)

skill perks are useless. instead, take all the snide responses, and get a bonus to critical chance. with a perfect build, and all the critical related perks, snipers and the deathclaw gauntlet will have a 100% critical rate. yes, 100%

anyhow. here's my character build.

action boy/girl
adamantium skeleton
almost perfect
better criticals
black widow. there are more male enemies, and better female dialog options. making a female build slightly better than a male. plus, if i'm gonna stare at my character's ass for 140 hours...
bloody mess
comprehension. essential to the build, to max out skills.
concentrate fire
cyborg. for the damage and rad resistance
entomologist. there wasn't any other useful perk at that level, and this increased damage against at least some enemies.
fortune finder
grim reaper's sprint
lawbringer. wasn't too much else useful, and this let me get another skill book, and a unique weapon, plunket's valid points. (yes, don't count on actually getting ALL of the skill books. some aren't accessible unless you meet very specific conditions, such as the one in regulator compound)
life giver
light step. people advised me against this one, but i find it very useful. even if i'm very diligent about looking for and disarming traps, and sneaking, there's always one that i miss and it gets me. always.
paralyzing palm
rad resistance
robotics expert. was running out of useful perks by the end, and took this to increase damage against at last some enemies, as with entomologist.
scrounger. this and fortune finder are of arguable use, if you play the game well. playing the game well, with these two perks, i ended up with a truly insane number of caps, and a gigantic ammo stash.
silent running. for the running part, not the skill increase. it makes sneaking substantially easier.
strong back. i'm a klepto.
swift learner (1 rank). none of the other perks available at level 3 are useful.

and quest perks:

ant might. didn't actually matter which one i took.
auto axpert
booster shot
covert ops
ghoul ecology
pitt fighter
power armor training
punga power!
rad regeneration
superior defender
survival guru. i ended up taking the crit increase, which pushed me over the 100% mark for 5x critical rate ranged weapons, meaning all snipers.
wired reflexes
xenotech expert

i forget what the intial SPECIAL stats were, but you can figure them out from the requirements for the perks.

SW Ownage
10-03-2010, 08:00 PM
i forget my build :S as i traded the game in :O in anticipation for new vegas :D ive still got my saves though :P

but @arachnophillia thats a pretty good build there

10-03-2010, 11:03 PM
but @arachnophillia thats a pretty good build there

it is, yeah. when you end up with those perks, 10 in all specials, 100 in all skills, and the CSA, the game is basically broken. but it requires taking the time to find every skill book -- printing a list, and checking them off.

the only damage increasing perks i didn't take were iron fist (CSA hockey mask exploit allows for essentially infinite unarmed skill) and demolitions expert (which is only useful for grenades, as it turns out).

Saint Jericho
10-06-2010, 05:02 PM
There is no such thing as a "perfect character." A different character is going to be needed for how you want to play the game. A gung-ho Rambo is going to need different stats and perks than a sneaky ninja who steals, pickpockets, and lockpics their way through the game. Personally, i poured points into speech and barter so that I could talk my way through the game. ... Well, most of it anyway. There's really no talking to Super Mutants or Deathclaws! LOL