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10-01-2010, 07:08 PM
Okay, Maybe this is just me being dumb... I don't think it is though, and this is a glitch that is need of moaning about.
I know there are several ones people are already moaning about, Music in game etc, which is hardly the end of the world, but I finally get it today. Start a Manager mode with my beloved Plymouth Argyle, Get a keeper in on Loan, then to my Suprise it links me to buying K Schmeichel. "I'll have a look at him" I think to myself, I like him as a Player, and would be good to get one in perm rather then just on loan ready for next year. Try searching for him by name...Noone there, So I go to Leeds, He's not there either...He's nowhere to be found. A bit odd. I leave this where it was. Then get the message "T Walcott welcome Plymouth Argyle Interest" Theo welcomes my interest? Awesome I'll go get him. Search for Walcott...Gone... GO to arsenal, he's not there either. Wtf?
Every player that gets mentioned on the News feed as being linked to me, Vanishes and I can't buy them? Why? Are they moved somewhere new? I've looked everywhere.
I now can never buy Theo Walcott or Kasper Schmeichel already, 2 players I usually go for in Fifa, So what now?
Is this a glitch or is it just me missing something?

10-01-2010, 07:20 PM
Just had this answered on the EA forums. The news items add the players to your Shortlist, So you need to select shortlist - yes in the search options.