View Full Version : Career glitch controling your VP??

10-01-2010, 10:04 PM
Played season 1 with my VP.Change club to Werder Bremen for season number 2 and got a place in the start-up.
when going to play the game i choose to play (control) my VP.But when the match starts i control all players and my VP isnt in the start-up 11.
Next game the same. Looking on the frontpage of the career and see that im on the starting 11.Try to play next game and control my VP and im not on the field,not even on the bench. WTF??
I even got message from the manager saying youre on the team next game,But starting the game again, choose to control my VP,the game loads and the same thing happens:Not on the field and not on the bench.
Anyone else with this??

10-01-2010, 10:19 PM
So, i sim half the season and tries again to play controling my VP.Same again.
So i sim rest of the season and after the seasons over i got a message from my manager saying that he hopes i stay in the club while i was doing so well. HAHAHAHA!!!!
Now i make a seperate save and choose to stay in werder bremen, and the same thing happens in that season too.
So i load my other save and choose to sign on for another team and country;tottenham, for season number 3 and now things works as they should.