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Boss Kamikaze
10-04-2010, 01:50 PM
As the title suggests, post your money boosting methods here.

I found the second challenge to be helpful for money -- especially if you buy the bonuses for extra earnings bonus.

If you know a better/easier way, post here and let us know.

p.s Comic Jumper is awesome. That is all.

10-04-2010, 08:09 PM
Just focus on bonuses instead of upgrades in the beginning, since you'll get far more bang for your buck on subsequent levels. Once I read that on the marquee, I stopped buying upgrades. I had purchased everything before I even started the last level or two.

Disco Ball
10-04-2010, 10:55 PM
Ya i just unlocked everything before beating the game, Just buy the bonuses first since it gives you a % boost of money at the end of each level.

10-07-2010, 06:37 AM
I'm not trying to make cash, but I went ahead and bought stuff from the bonus shop with the exception of maybe a bullet or slide upgrade (I forget) as soon as I got cash.

Best bang for your buck is probably the 5k in Exclusives since it was for charity. I forget what it said but it's something like a 40% bump.

All I did was complete each of the bonus challenges as they came up (you keep any partial cash payout even when you retry), and by the time I completed both 1 and 2 I was able to purchase everything in the shop, just about. Then after doing the first Nanoc mission I was able to finish up the stragglers. After the third mission I've purchased every single thing and upgrade with the exception of the $50,000 5th damage upgrade.

Absolutely zero need to farm cash in this game, although note that if you do get the bonuses, they count towards your world ranking, so to be on an even footing you do need all additional 325%. At the moment I'm apparently 13th in the world at one of the second or third Nanoc story mission, which I find incredibly hard to believe because I was dying pretty frequently. One quick tip is to never pop the "help me", since you get a 1000 bonus at the end of the level for not using it, and with the bonuses, that ends up giving you $4250 automatically. Complete any of the side missions within the story (eg don't let them hit you during this section), and that 3,000 becomes 12750. It adds up very very quickly. I'm going to call it a night but I suspect I'll have maxed out everything after this first chapter of the second comic.

Fun game! Thanks, Twisted Pixel!

Edit: forgot to mention the act of purchasing everything in the store is PAINFUL. Set the TV to "mute" sooner than later if you value your sanity. While I appreciate the Resident Evil 4 reference the first time, it loses its charm after the 30th time or so. Also, it's physically impossible to purchase any of these things faster than one per 3-4 seconds or so, so set aside about 20-30 minutes to just buy everything in the store. Just to save you a little sanity, buy everything in the Concept Art section in one or two visits, it takes about 12-15k. you don't want to have to scroll over 50 items or so in each direction like I did doing it piecemeal. Save a little sanity.

10-07-2010, 11:39 AM
As was already said, the best way to get money in the game is to buy the Bonuses first, then the Upgrades.

The bonuses you'll want to buy first are the following:

- Exclusives #3 -$2000 - 13.5% Bonus (Comic Jumper Premium Theme)
- Exclusives #4 -$5000 - 38% Bonus (New Splosion Man Levels!)
- Exclusives #5 - $500 - 4.5% Bonus (Dan Greiner's Gift)
- Exclusives #6 - $1000 - 8.5% Bonus (Twisted Pixel Team Photo)
- Videos #2, #3, #4 -$500 Each - 4% Bonus Each (Christopher Sabat Interview)
- Videos #6 - $500 - 4% Bonus (In The Booth)
- Videos #7 - $500 - 4% Bonus (Comic Jumper Pitch Video)
- Videos #10 - $500 - 4% Bonus (Early Game Footage)
- Videos #11 - $700 - 5.6% Bonus (Rough Animatic)
- Videos #12 - $500 - 4% Bonus (Comic Jumper Trailer)
- Comics #9 - $500 - 3.5% Bonus (The Maniacal Smile #1)
- Comics #10 - $400 - 3.2% Bonus (Mr. Average #1 - 20th Anniversary Special)
- Comics #11 - $500 - 4% Bonus (Adventures of Captain Smiley #1 [1993])
- Comics #12 - $500 - 4% Bonus (Adventures of Captain Smiley #1 [1997])

After buying all of these for $14,600 you will have a 112.8% Bonus to any Money you earn, more than doubling what you would normally get in an Issue or Challenge.

Everything other than those items give anywhere between a 0.4% and 2.4% Bonus for their purchase.

Do not buy any of the Concept Art until you have $12,000 AFTER you buy the previously mentioned Bonuses. It takes $12,000 (Give or take $50) to buy all the Concept Art.

- 160 Pieces of Concept Art: $12,000
- 25 Comics: $7000
- 12 Videos: $5200
- 24 Audio Clips: $2700
- 25 Models: $5450
- 6 Exclusives: $8925

Total Money Needed for Collection of a True Fan: $41,275 (Give or take $50)

If you do the two Challenges available to you before you enter the First Issue of Nanoc the Oblivator, you should get a decent amount of money since you probably will fail to complete the challenges immediately. Any money you get for kills is still kept every time you fail. Just restart the Challenge, and once you do clear the Challenge, try the other one.

Once both challenges are cleared, try purchasing the previously mentioned Bonuses, starting with the ones under Exclusives. Buy as many of them as you can before entering Issue 1 of Nanoc, then depending on how much money you have, buy the rest of the mentioned items you weren't able to buy previously, and then buy out anything but the Concept Art. Save that for after you get $12,000.

This should help you get all the money you need for Collection of a True Fan and I Took Performance Enhancers.

Doopliss SWE
10-08-2010, 12:57 AM
I just spent all my money on Bonuses, to get a multiplier going as soon as possible. I had bought everything before the final stage, without grinding.

10-08-2010, 03:26 AM
The bonuses you'll want to buy first are the following:

Actually, it really doesn't matter which bonuses you buy first. The earnings percentages scale linearly with how much money you spend on bonuses. (It is a good idea to buy all the concept art in one or two trips, though. :))

10-08-2010, 06:34 AM
Thank you for the informations. Just worked fine!

10-15-2010, 03:48 AM
1. buy bonuses
2. do a challenge
3. repeat 1 & 2 until you have purchased all bonuses and a few damage & health upgrades
4. do missions and earn crazy cash
5. buy upgrades
6. repeat 4 & 5 until you have them all

This is the way I did it and it got them pretty fast

10-15-2010, 04:16 PM
I calculated the profitability of each bonuses, and I fount this order of purchasing if you want to increase your bonus the fastest possible...

(I made this operation for each article : Cost/bonus=price to gain one percent)

For the great majority of articles, the cost for one percent is 125$...

But first you should buy these articles :

Image #138 (250$/2.5%=100$/%)

Exclusivity #5 (500$/4.5%=111$/%)

Exclusivity #6 (1000$/8.5%=117.6$/%)

After this, the most profitable is : (all 125$/%)

All other Images

All Comic Books EXCEPT comic #9!

All Videos

All Audio Clips

All Models

Exclusivity #1

Finally, buy these last articles in the following order :

Exclusivity #3 (2000$/15.5%=129$/%)

Exclusivity #2 (300$/2.3%=130.4$/%)

Exclusivity #4 (5000$/38%=131.6$/%)

Comic Book #9 (500$/3.5%=142.86$/%)

I hope this will help... :)