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Shaaady Souljah
05-11-2007, 09:11 PM
This is a new feature on the forums. The staff are going around tidying the clutter and making sure x360a is the one stop shop for all your 360 needs.

The FAQ threads are where we need your help! What do you think are the most commonly asked questions about this game? Which threads keep popping up? What things do you wish you had been told when you first got this game?

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07-01-2009, 12:36 AM
Noticing a lot of questions on this game, a lot of repeats etc. Hopefully people will look here.


- Difficulties do not stack.
- Cheat codes still unlock achievments.
- If you find a vial, it will be gone on later play throughs (even on different difficulties)
- The counters for "get x of this" (example stealth kills, trap kills etc) keep going up if you reload a checkpoint. So yes keep stabbing guy in beginning to get your stealth kills.
- Head shot achievment is not bugged, when you get a head shot it will say and print "Head Shot"
- All the achievments can be gotten in Player Matches
- Don't use split screen as far as I know it won't work. All you need is 1 person to boost (except for multi kills which I think you'll need 2-3 other people).
- For the 80 hours played, and all the win 50 matches, you do them all by yourself. Done in player matches, make them private with just you.
- Head shots is not bugged, when you get a real head shot it will say it and display it on screen. You don't need a sniper, just normal gun and shoot them in face.

[I'll add more if I think of anything]

02-05-2012, 02:19 AM
Going to have to make a necro-post, but this is what this thread was created for. I'd rather post info in here rather make a new thread for it.

- Anyway! You cant unlock difficulty Achievements when loading a map. You need to create a new game & save file with the new difficulty and play it till the end (I just name the file as the difficulty I'm playing it on). I beat it once by picking the first map (level) up until the last map on Instincts on Hunter difficulty and no Achievement in the end.

I then re-played the game with a new save file under Hunter difficulty and obtained the Achievement after beating the game. Mine unlocked around the part where you jump into the helicopter and as you watch the last scene.

So since difficulty doesn't stack in this game, you need to play the game 6 times and need to create 6 save files (assuming you collected all the phials in one of those playthroughs). My save files take up 6 MB's each on my 360's HDD. Just throwing that out there for the hell of it.


- You can just load up maps rather start a new game to collect phials. In my opinion, it's easier to just load a map, as it saves you from having another save file. And if you mess up and miss a phile, you can always just quit and re-load the map.

- For those who are going back to collect missing Phials but don't want to continue the rest of the level, then you'll be glad to know that you can quit the level without finishing it after collecting the 5 Phials on the level. Not sure if this works if you collect all 5 and then don't finish the level. I'm only saying that if you go back to a level and collect the ones you've missed and then quit, it will still count.

I missed one on Native (Instincts story) and just collected it, then I quit. Out of curiosity I went back to Native and checked if the phial was there or if I had officially collected it. I looked and it wasn't there, which means that you can collect them and then quit the level. This will save tons of time for those who need to get the Treasure Raider Achievement out of the way. Edit: I've also just done this right now on Cliffs to confirm 100%. I needed 2 more phials on Cliffs and after obtaining I quit (the last one I collected was 5/5 on the level). I then re-played the level and checked where I picked up the missing phials and both were not there this time, meaning they were obtained and I don't have to finish the level for them to count as obtained.

~ Rafdog89