View Full Version : Anyone Use Playon.tv? Recommended?

10-05-2010, 06:53 PM
Does anyone use playon.tv with their xbox 360? I've just signed up for a two week trial as we're contemplating giving up cable altogether. I'm looking for opinions from anyone who has tried this.

The video quality doesn't seem to be great, but that's not a huge concern. We're mainly talking about primetime programming, and as long as I can see the picture I'm happy. I only care about picture quality when it comes to movies, and we are satisfied with Netflix for those. We plan to use some other plugins and channels, but the majority of our viewing will probably be hulu. I'm assuming that when hulu comes to the 360 next year that it will be of similar video quality to Netflix (or at least I hope), and be better than Hulu as streamed through playon.tv. If that's the case, then I consider picture quality to be merely a temporary issue anyway. (FYI, I already have a hulu+ account, so there are no concerns about needing + to get certain content.)

The biggest concern we have will be lack of live sports, specifically no Golf Channel, YES Network, or ESPN. Other than sports and Lifetime programming, we should be able to access most of what we already watch. (And I can watch Project Runway on my laptop, lol.) Unfortunately, we only have Time Warner Cable for broadband internet options in our area, and that means no ESPN3, not now via playon.tv nor when it comes to the 360.

If you've used playon.tv, do you like it? What problems or annoyances have you encountered? Anything I should consider before deciding to stick with it? Or is there a similar service you use and would recommend over it?

I appreciate any responses this thread gets.