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10-09-2010, 05:27 PM
Please provide the best explanation that you can of the following achievements and how to get them/what team and plays to use. This is my first NCAA game for the xbox 360 so I have no idea what pipelines are and such. Please exactly what buttons to press and how to do it on some of the audible play achievements because I have no idea.

Best Class Ever
Burn That Shirt
Campus Legend
Crash the Party
In Your Crosshairs
Multiple Offense
One Hit Wonder
Perfect From the Start
Point Some Fingers
Program Changer
Speed Reader
What a Weekend
Lock it Up
Don't Call it A Comeback
Setup Shop in the Big 3
Earned your PT

Here is a list of the achievement description on this site if you don't know the description. Please answer as many as you can even if its only one of the above. Every one helps!!

12-13-2010, 02:00 AM
Best Class Ever - I started a Dynasty with Bama and just kept simming. Made sure i went undefeated every year. Popped in year 4.

Burn That Shirt - on the Bama dynasty, at the start, redshirt HB#22. Load up the first game of season against directional U, when the game starts, go into depth chart, add HB #22, it will ask if you want to remove the redshirt. yes. Then run the ball alot. make sure he gets lots of yards, tds, etc.

Campus Legend - Create a 99 rated DE for Notre Dame. Sim seasons. he'll make it.

Crash the Party - dynasty with Boise state, stay undefeated, will go to BCS Bowl

Greatness - see campus legend. You can also alter the rules to have no offsides, your DE will rack up like 20 sacks a game, will get it faster.

In Your Crosshairs - not sure how to tell you to do this. The book says how to highlight a WR. Easiest done with two controllers. Spotlight him with controller 1(your profile) and keep throwing his way with controller 2. Eventually you'll get it.

Multiple Offense - pick a team with this offense. self-explanatory from there.

One Hit Wonder - there is a dedicated thread for this, do search feature.

Perfect From the Start - on that Bama dynasty, don't lose, win big. save after every game, if any week you lose #1 spot, reload, try again.

Point Some Fingers - talk down your opponent team on recruit phone call. At the top it has a comparison of your school to the other school.

Program Changer - thread dedicated to this one too. in short, find a two star school, create a 99 player from that town and then recruit him.

Switcheroo - not sure how to tell you to do this. every recruit on your list will have a commit somewhere at some point. some will have soft, change his mind.

Speed Reader - Use Florida, option read from shotgun.

What a Weekend - make sure you have several recruits coming and make sure you know their Most, and Very High interests and focus their visit on those areas.

Lock it Up - dedicated thread. VERY AGGRAVATING.
Don't Call it A Comeback - at the end of the season, you will have JR or Redshirt Sophs wanting to leave early. COnvince a 95+ to stay.

Setup Shop in the Big 3 - there are some schools that have two already, make sure you have three players from all three states. doesn't matter their ability (1-star etc.)

Earned your PT - brain dead easy.

12-18-2010, 03:37 AM
^^ Well said. There is also an achievement guide.

Click here. (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=244082)

cowboy bob
12-19-2010, 07:54 PM
In Your Crosshairs
Lock it Up