View Full Version : World Champion Expert - Glitched?

10-11-2010, 10:14 PM
Hi all,

I've completed my first career on professional in a Lotus in which (to my suprise\horror) I won the drivers + constructors championships. So after doing that I thought time to man up and do my next season on expert in my now new Red Bull.

Fast forward and I've just finished the Italian GP in which if I won that race I would have won the championship on expert :Bounce: . Typically the race was a monsoon meaning that it was a sod to keep the car on the straight and narrow! I managed to win and I punched the air in joy!! Went to the results screen....ping - Double world champion unlocked and.....silence....the achievement for winning a season on expert didn't unlock and my mouth is now as wide open as a cartoon character who has just seen Jessica Rabbit! :D

Now eversince the first race of the season the difficulty has been put on expert and never touched and even now I've double checked and it is still on expert and all driver aids are switched off. So firstly does this achievement unlock at the end of the season rather then when you have won it (like the achievement for winning the constructors championship....well it did for me at least) or is it glitched which will cause my brain to spontaneously combust!!:eek:

edit: or, of course, have I been a fool and missed something?

MAJOR EDIT: :D Got the achievement now. It unlocks when you finish the season thank god! As I sometimes think I am living with the brain of a Big Brother contestant ;) didn't occur to me until a few mins ago to DNF the rest of my races to see if it does and sure enough after Abu Dahbi it dinged

So NOTE TO PEOPLE GOING FOR THE EXPERT CAREER IT UNLOCKS AT THE END OF THE SEASON. So don't use that new copy of F1 2010 for a futuristic Frisbee just yet :D