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10-20-2010, 11:19 PM
...is it.Having been a veteran of FPS since the first Doom came out on PC I've played my fair share. Remembering how good MoH:Allied Assault was on the PC(its the game that got me into online gaming along with SoF2)I decided i'd give this game a go. I'd been saying to a mate who kept telling me how amazing it looked that I still wasn't sold as the single player character models were still a bit dodgy in even the most recent videos, however i relented and pre-order having seen the friends from afar video on youtube. Now I've been playing Reach nonstop since it came out because I gave up on all the cheats on MW2 and have generally been hopping from online game to online game since then and I'm not a big fan of Halo either before I get hit with a fanboy sticker. But since this came out my mate has dragged me into the online mode every evening since it came out to which i've grudgingly agreed.

I'm not even going into the singleplayer flaws because personally i feel they've let console gamers down completely on the graphics and story but make up for a lot of love lost with the general ambiance throughout. The multiplayer is what has troubled me the most. I cannot fathom how something that should be so good is actually so terrible. The lack of weapons don't bother me,in fact i like the idea of everyone more or less being on an even keel. The graphics aren't too bad either. The sound is impeccable as always with DICE. In fact the only thing that spoils the multiplayer is the fact that they couldn't be bothered to make maps for the right game modes. Some maps are more or less design to basically have everyone pointing guns at each other and fire,this is where the snipers all come in. They've put in spawn zones that have little to no cover and are usually all in sight of aforementioned snipers. Before I have snipers shout at me,I have to commend most of their skills as you have to be more or less hyper-accurate to actually use the sniper rifle in this game anyway. Most cover in the game is within sight of the enemy meaning calling it cover is like calling a cardboard box bulletproof when wet, that and usually any type of good cover you have to jump over small bits of scenery like small stones or bits of wood to get to. Thus removing any chance of sneaking and also advertising where you are to you guessed it,the snipers and even when it has none of those problems you head pokes out the top so again its useless. Balancing issues are a big problem aswell, being out sniped by someone with a submachine gun from the other end of a runway versus your high powered sniper rifle just wouldn't happen in the real world and it barely happens in computer games and when it does, its a fluke,it doesn't happen twelve times in a row. And whats up with the invincible tanks, when a tank gets hit by three blocks of C4 a mortar strike and an RPG when its parked in the enemy spawn zone its time to take stock and get that shit sorted out.

In a nutshell they need to replace all the maps, or at least redesign them completely. Get rid of/balance up the tanks or even give one to both sides and make it more even as opposed to the massacre it usually is otherwise. If the maps were differently built it would discourage the snipers at the very least i think which would let the games flow a bit more again.

Anyways apologies for the rant being long i just figured you guys of everyone would understand as there's not point in venting at EA/DICE/Danger Close coz who's going to listen anyway. Right I'm off to play some more Reach!

acurate bob
10-20-2010, 11:41 PM
I get what your saying. I also agree with MOST of it too.

But what I don't agree on is the visuals, I think there amazing, and the maps.

I love the majority of the maps. Simply because there is always a different path to where you need/want to get to. If you know a sniper is covering this corridor. Then use a different one. I used to have an issue with the snipers too but I have since put the maps to memory and can now get to the snipers without them seeing me and knife/axe them in the back. They soon after stop sniping at us.

I don't claim to have top skills on MOH. But I certainly kick ass after memorising a majority of the maps.

But there defiantly is a spawning issue that must be addressed soon. Too many times I will spawn in full view of a sniper, or in the middle of an airstrike. Other than that nothing really bugs me about it.

I love this game. So much better than MW2 but not as good as BFBC2. That's the top fer me.