View Full Version : Vault 13 Canteen

Stewie Griffin2
10-20-2010, 11:52 PM
Has anyone found this item or any other canteen? It says on the wiki that it's a random item, I was under the impression that it was exclusive to the Gamestop preorder. Just want to know if it will be possible to find one somewhere while playing on Hardcore as it would really come in handy.

10-21-2010, 12:32 AM
I had it from the start, I think it was part of the preorder dlc.

Elit3 m0nkey
10-21-2010, 12:34 AM
The Vault 13 canteen is a pre-order bonus you get from Gamestop/EB Games. As far as I know there is no other way to get.

10-21-2010, 12:38 AM
It is a handy little item to have, as you automatically drink from it. Of course it's of better use on Hardcore instead of Normal.

10-21-2010, 12:44 AM
Yeah it's on on the pre-order from GameStop and is VERY helpful on Hardcore.

10-21-2010, 02:05 AM
Got the canteen from pre order works great worth it for hardcore

10-21-2010, 02:57 AM
it kind of helps, but you still need to drink water though. It seems that hunger and sleep are required alot less than water.