View Full Version : Can i turn auto save off in Jimmy's Vendetta?

10-22-2010, 08:37 AM
Hello, i have a question, i'am working on the explorer achievement (last one i need) and got 1350 km that's like 850 miles.
I don't have problems with the freezing screen but i have noticed that when i drive for a few minutes of a few ours and then "Quit" without saving the game the miles are edit to my total.
My question is, is there a autosave? And how can i turn it off?
Everybody is talking about, if you save at 995 miles and you don't get the explorer achievement when you are over 1000 miles then restart the savepoint from 995, how do you do that?
Should i just save at 995 miles then restart the game and when i am over 1000 miles and i didn't get the achievement just turn off my xbox360?
Can somebody help me?

Yesterday i got the damn achievement, finaly after 14 ours brainless driving on the freeway.
I saved the game on 1595 km and on got the achievement 1609 km.
Even this achievement is the worst achievement i know, when you get the achievement itīs all worth for the ours driving.