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10-22-2010, 06:06 PM
Step 1.1: Samurai Points

First thing to do is the brief grind for Samurai Points. Follow the instructions given under Legendary Samurai in the achievement guide., to unlock Samurai Leader, Samurai Hero, Legendary Samurai, Extra Sword Safe (you should in fact earn about 8 of these), Head Collector and Outfit Collector.

Step 1.2: Money

Next we want to focus on your money Just follow these simple steps:
1) Start a game on Instant Kill difficulty.
2) When you finally get control of your character, move straight to Minori. 3) Speak to the gate guard and gain access by beating him in the battle (easy on IK as you get chance to swing first).
4) Once in front of Genjuro, skip the conversation then kill him when you regain control (easy as he is just sitting down).
5) OK at this point you are now the leader of Ouka clan. So go outside the main building and head right to the turret/tower where Joji, the Ouka clan Job broker is waiting. Talk to him nicely then when you get a chance, demand 1000 Yen. You can only do this once per day.
6) Now go to Takatane and sleep until the following day. Rinse and repeat for 10 days.
7) Once you have 10,000 Yen it will be after day 5. Now go to the weapons merchant (Uepon) in posting station and buy 10 Dual Sword Scrolls or Ninja Dual Sword Scrolls.
8) These cost 1000 yen each and are worth 250 when you sell them, they’re the best return on your money. Sell them to the other merchant at the other end of Posting station to make yourself a simple 2500 yen.
9) Go back to the first merchant and kill him, his guard (try to kill him with a blunt attack to earn the Blunt Attack achievement) and anyone around him who has a weapon. The merchant will drop all the Yen you spent with him, so pick them up, and pick up any swords that are lying around (it’s never too early to start collecting these).
10) Go to menu and chose to Leave Amana. Save your game then start again (remember to Load save rather than start a new game).
11) Repeat the process from step 6. You won’t need to go back to Minori as you will already have 12500 Yen. So sleep until Day 5, then go to Posting station and start again. Again buying as many of the Dual Sword/Ninja Dual Sword scrolls as you can.

With each repeated run you will come away with more and more money, allowing you to buy more and more scrolls each time. You can only carry 10 of each scroll at any one time, so you will quickly start doing multiple trips backwards and forwards. Don’t worry, that’s what we want and the merchants won’t run out of money or scrolls. Once you have your initial 10,000 Yen you can get to the maximum amount of Yen (99,999) within about 30 minutes.

Step 1.3: Fabled Merchant

OK, once you have your full Yen, you next want to go to the merchant in Takatane after day 5 and buy 10 Golden Eggs from him (remember to kill him to get your money back). Once you have those eggs you need to trigger the Fabled Merchant. He waits for you on the boat down at the small dock in The Road but he only turns up after every 3 inklings, so from the beginning:
1) Takatane. Speak to Kota. Choose option ‘calm down kid’.
2) Omiki. Cutscene with Princess Araragi. No conversation.
3) The Road. Cutscene with the thieves. Choose option ‘That’s stealing you know’.
4) The Road. Speak to Yuma after previous cutscene. Choose ‘That’s just an excus’.
5) Exit then reenter The Road and the Fabled Merchant will have spawned. If for some reason it is Night at this point, he won’t spawn, so go home and sleep until morning.

The fabled merchant carries some very interesting and rare items. What you want to buy are Arcane Potions. These instantly heal you for 1000HP whenever you reach 0. Whilst for the most part that's not too likely, you CAN occasionally fumble and get killed, so carrying around 10 of these babies at all times is literally a life saver. They cost 3000 each, so buy 10. Now then, once you have bought these potions, finish speaking to him, then start again. This time, because you are carrying 10 Golden Eggs, you will have the option to ask to see other items. At first he will refuse, so play along a couple of times, then give up and he will relent and ask to trade rare items for golden eggs. Choose trade to see his other items. He has some nice things, but the only item of interest here is the Manji-Kabura sword for 10 Eggs. Buy it. Then talk to him again and he’ll tell you about another sword he recently sold for 20 eggs. Once you have all that, kill him and get your money back (you won’t get the eggs back, but you don’t need them). He will also drop 1 of a number of decent weapons. Check the Weapons thread to see what he can drop.

With this sword in your possession, go home to Takatane and sleep until night. Once done, go towards the Dojima blacksmith and you will see a Samurai in red armour talk to him until he draws his weapon then kill him. He drops the Kabura-Sutegi, the other sword the Fabled Merchant was talking about. These 2 swords are rare and can only be obtained this way.
At this point I suggest going back through this step a few more times, each time taking your 10 Potions home to Takatane and storing them in your items box until you get about a hundred in reserve and ten that you’re carrying with you. That should be enough to last you the whole game now.

Step 1.4: Health

OK, now you want to Leave Amana and save your progress (if you haven’t already done so) as you need the merchants back at The Posting Station again so you can buy items to permanently upgrade your health.

Once again go and deal with Uepon buying up Buddhist Beads and Ancient Amulets and using them. Again you can only carry 10 at a time, but they don’t cost a huge amount, and you can get enough to get you to max Health (9999) with only a couple of runs. Don’t forget to Kill Uepon after each run to get all your Yen back.

Step 1.5: First Stance Mastery achievements and Skill matching.

Now we focus on getting Bare Hands Stance Mastery, Dual Sword Stance Mastery and Ninja Dual Sword Stance Mastery achievements and get all the skill matching done.

Remember the scrolls we bought earlier to sell for 250 a piece? That’s right, now we need to buy them again, but this time to USE. Each of these 3 stances have their own unique scrolls, so buy them and use them until each achievement pops. Simple.

Now this is where things get slightly laborious. Skill Matching. Strictly speaking this isn’t essential as it is not necessary to get these for any achievements, however as you will be going through a lot of combat and spending some time playing on hard and Instant Kill difficulty, it is better to do this than not. Skill Matching is used in conjuction with the auto parry option. When this is turned on, any skill you have ‘matched’ is automatically blocked (you will recognize when this happens as you will briefly glow yellow with each successful auto parry). To match skills you need to buy Match Scrolls from Uepon. There are a total of 598 skills to match. Ultimately you’ll need 7 runs to get all of these skills, including the ones for the 3 Master Stance achievements. This should take you about an hour.

Step 1.6: Weapon Development

At this point you’re technically ready to go out and work towards the endings and the long grinding process to get all the weapons, however I would suggest at this point you develop your weapon and earn the Weapon Forger and Forged Weapon achievements.

By now you’ll have collected a few different weapons. Look through your collection and find a good weapon, ideally one with low weight as they swing faster.

Pick your weapon then save your game. Now follow these steps to get the best from your weapon
1) Start a game on Instant Kill difficulty and go to either Dojima brother, ask to discuss weapons then choose Upgrade.
2) First, increase your weapons durability as much as possible then go back out and save your game.
3) Go back to the blacksmith to upgrade, this time choose to upgrade Random once. Random is the best of the 3 to choose. If you choose Attack or defence you will likely get a smallish increase. If you choose Random you have the possibility of raising both attack and defence by up to 15 points each every time. However you also run the risk of doing badly and making the weapon worse. This is why you have saved your game. Choose Random and see the outcome. I would suggest only accepting results that end up with a total increase of at least 18 points (11 Attack, 7 Defence for example), anything less than that is up to you, but generally not worth it.
4) If you’re happy with the result, accept it then go back out and save again then repeat the process. If you’re not happy, just quite the game then reload your save. Don’t worry, the game tracks how much money you’ve spent with each merchant so you’ll still be able to get all your Yen back from the blacksmith when you finally kill him.
5) After your first upgrade you’re happy with and accept, you’ll unlock the Forged Weapon achievement. Just repeat this process until you can’t upgrade your weapon anymore (a maximum of 5 times over ‘Max Quality’, so you’ll see something like 9/4).
6) Once again ask to discuss weapons, but this time ask to have your weapon appraised. Go through this and accept once done. This will significantly boost your Attack and Defence on your weapon and it will gain the ‘Legendary’ title.

At the end of this process you should have a nice fast weapon that has 5 durability and does a good 200-250ish attack and defence.

Once this is done, go back to the blacksmith and follow these steps.
1) Ask to discuss tools. Buy 1 of each: Pommel, Guard, Blade and Grip.
2) Discuss Weapons and choose to create a weapon.
3) go through the very simple procedure and accept it once finished to unlock the Weapon Forger achievement.

Vanilla Coke Zero
12-31-2010, 06:01 AM
wow, thanks a lot for this guide. this is going to be helpful as hell. quick question. do i HAVE to start a game on IK in order to do the things listed above? because i've only beaten the game once, and can only pick easy or normal. should i rush through the game on normal, and then hard, and then finally get IK?

01-02-2011, 08:10 AM
Throughout all these guides I've written up, some things HAVE to be done on IK, but not all of it. Generally speaking, where I've specified IK, that's where it either MUST be done, or ist best done done.

For the prep phase, it doesn't NEED to be done on IK, however it makes life far easier if you do. You move through all these sections much faster and the small amounts of combat you have to do are made a walk over. The Dojima brothers for example are a real pain in the ass to fight normally, they hit big, take a lot of damage and have a lot of knockback attacks. But on IK you can just whip out your sword, bonk them on the head once and they're done, no hassle.

Edit: Also, follow this link to my achievement guide, then move to the achievement called Legendary Samurai and follow those instructions to unlock things you'll need such as Hard and IK difficulty plus a coupld of other achievements too. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=268776