View Full Version : Upgrading on level 13 question

10-22-2010, 09:02 PM
People keep saying you can upgrade on level 13, how do I do that? You can only upgrade after you finish a chapter so after I finish chapter 13 will I be able to upgrade then?

Surely there would be no point in upgrading if you have finished the game. I am confused.

Edit: I think some posts meant at the end of level 12. I have completed and got all the upgrade related achievements easily. If anyone needs any help just post a message.

07-12-2011, 02:36 AM
*Spoiler Alert*
Though, if you're reading this you should be at the end anyway
You can upgrade on level 12 afew times, namely after the Arena section at the end, and after chasing the fat guy through the burning building.

I had the same worries, as on level 12 i only needed 7500 points for upgrades.
After the arena, i had 6700 and so i was getting really worried that i wouldnt be able to get it.
But after shutting of the ceiling carts and moving across them abit. You see a big stack of crates, and hiding in them is a 1000 point pickup thingy.

And you can upgrade at the end of EVERY level, inc 12. (Yes its pointless cause you only have QTE after 12, but its to give people a chance to fully upgrade after every level. Otherwise itd be pointless to give you points after the Arena)

So yes.