View Full Version : Serect Achievements (spoilers)

10-23-2010, 05:44 AM
Most of these look story related and other may just come naturally but at least if you are missing anything here are what they are and there description. Hope it helps you out

1. A New Harmony : Find Shaun & defeat the Ministry (end game) 75GS

2. Rising Freedom : Free the rising member from the Ministry 30GS

3. Rebel Training : Complete the challenge & successfully prove yourself to the rising 40GS

4. Soap On A Rope : Complete the training event to be ready to face the ministry 20GS

5. Going Out With A Bang! : Evade & escape the Ministry trap 20GS

6. Rescue Skater : Destroy the De-influencer & free Francisco from the Minstry 20GS

7. Ministry Retreat : Remove 20 Ministry posters & logos 20GS

8. Skate Shop Moxie : Impress Bob & free his skate shop 20GS

9. Walk In The Park : Completely reveal the skate park 20GS

10. Heal The World : Destroy all the Ministry pylons 25GS

11. Free Your Mind : Use shaping to mold the world 15GS

12. Fail Zeppelin : Crash the Ministry zeppelin 20GS

11-05-2010, 09:26 PM
As soon as I saw the list I knew it.
I like the fact that they hide the story with secret achievements.
But they should have added somme for jumping a certain ammount people.

I dont know something interesting.