View Full Version : Help kamino 2nd run

10-23-2010, 04:35 PM
Ok I'm somewhat far into this level i guess.To explain where exactly i am is hard.Star of my check point to my left is one of those long catwalks that i can move up and down.To my right is a robot with those huge red eye that you can jump on but there is nothin around it to do so.Also it way high from where i am.So i go over the catwalk then there is like a blue flashing tube which has 5 circualr platforms attached to it,which keep going around when you get on the those droids that keep appearing and dissapearing show up so i jump from platform to platform on top that huge robot over to another tower with 5 platforms but this 1 doesn't go around.I press up on d-pad to see where i gotta go.It tells me up to the next set of 5 platforms.And this is where im lost.That jump up is to high and there is a robot above me I can highlite it but it does nothing.So i been trying for about an hour now.So i hope someone can help me.thanks

10-27-2010, 01:31 PM
Try looking around for one of those catwalks that you can force pull down/up.