View Full Version : Xbox live UK increase question

10-25-2010, 08:25 PM
This is regarding whether the price increase is 5.99 or 7.50 a month.

First and foremost, apologies if there is already a topic on this but my search function wasn't working properly.

I'm going to buy a yearly membership again when I get the chance again but at the moment I'm doing it monthly as I'm short on cash.

Anyway, on the spotlight section of my dashboard there is a xbox live renewal deal saying to 'save 67% off your upcoming off gold renewal'.

I checked this at it says your 1-month will renew at the price of 7.50 a month.

I thought this was supposed to be 5.99 a month? I read that the yearly price would stay the same but monthly goes up by a pound to 5.99.

Either I've been unaware or Microsoft is stealthily increasing the 1-monthly fee by 50%.