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10-26-2010, 05:21 PM
Sorry if this is a bit convaluted, but I'd appreciate some assistance, so bear with me....

I have 2 gametags, and they are associated with the following Live ID's

Gamertag A - Live ID A
Gamertag B - Live ID B

Now, by some twist of idiocy on my part, Gamertag B is my main gamertag, infact, I never have, and never will, use Gamertag A, however, my main Live ID that I use is Live ID A.

What I would like is to have my main Gamertag associated with my main Live ID, so..........

Gamertag B - Live ID A

Now, I have tried to do this on the console, but I can't change them, because the live ID is still associated, and seemingly can't have the same ID with two different gamertags, which is fair enough.

What is the safest way to achieve this.

Do I...

A) Ring xbox support and get them to delete (if possible) Gamertag A, which worryingly is very, very similar to gamertag B.....and hope they delete the right one


B) Create a new Live ID, associate this with the Gamertag I no longer want, then that frees up my main ID to associate with my main gamertag.

Phew......any thoughts?

10-26-2010, 05:29 PM
Have you checked this out: Click me (http://support.xbox.com/en-us/pages/xbox-live/how-to/xbox-live-account-management/manage-live-id.aspx)

I suggest to remove the live id from the tag you're not using anymore and replace it with a dummy account, that way your email becomes free to use.

10-27-2010, 07:36 AM
Yup, that did it.

New dummy live ID, transfered unwanted GT to that, and it free'd up my main live ID to use with my main GT.