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Mad’s Bingo Book- Guide to MP


So you want to be a ninja, hmmm? Well you have some tough things to learn up ahead- mainly that there are some folks out there in Ninja Land that can carve you up like cheap bento. This guide was created to help you tell which guys you want no part of. Keep this Bingo Book close at hand at all times and maybe, just maybe, you can hear the sound of kunai as it sinks into your abdomen. So for those of you who think you have the sharp skills and the headband, you might be able to skip the first chapter and get into the Bingo Book itself. For everyone else, there’s only one way to start.

The Basics
There are some pretty obvious things that most ninjas in Ninja Land use but do not use properly. Here are the basic principles that will be explained in further detail throughout the Bingo Book. First, some ninja terminology.

Awakening- When a character’s health is in the orange, the chakra meter extends. Charging this to max sets the ninja to an Awakened state. Some ninjas become faster, most ninjas become deadlier. And there are a few that change shape altogether. Uj’s, ninja tools and supports are not allowed in this state. Special moves may be unlocked by trying ninjutsu. Throws and enemy Uj's are ineffective. Enemy ninjutsu will cut out animations.


Bait- forcing an enemy to react the way you want them to.

Basic- B, B, B, B. Simple combo for all ninja.

Break- Blocking an attack for too long will break your block and dizzy you while your opponent decides how they will ninja rape your body.

Chakra Charge (or just Charge)- holding Y to build the chakra meter while standing still.

Chakra Dash (c-dash)- Y , A- a quick, powerful dash that can cause stammer (requires chakra)

Chakra ranged- Y , X sends a faster ranged attack that has homing features, does more damage and hits more often. (requires chakra)

Combo- a set of button presses that link up.

Dash- an increment of 2-3 steps in any direction that is covered in less than ordinary time.

Grab- RT or LT + B is a throw move. Can be used on blocking opponents. Cannot be used on Awakened opponents.

Half Screen- the half portion of the ring or half distance to your enemy .
Jump ranged- basic ranged attack in the air, most reaching 6 hits.

Ninja Dash (n-dash)- Double tap A and Hold- will dash you backward , forward , left or right (on ground)

Ninja Tools- regulated to the d-pad, ninjas have specific tools with them to use in battle. Every d-pad up regains a portion of chakra. The others include defense down tags, bombs, or poison tags. Not all ninjas carry the same tools.

Pattern (aka bread and butter)- a set of sequences that people rely on.

Ranged- basic ranged attack with the X button, most reaching 3 hits. Can also be done in midair or in mid-dash.

Full Screen- the full size of the ring or the entire distance to your enemy.

Rasen-bouncing- see below

Sequence- a set of combos that link up.

Stammer- causes zero damage but halts the enemy; usually caused by collision from dashes, jutsu clashes or hitting an Awakened enemy with a throw/ultimate jutsu.

Spam-subbing- when an opponent is not fighting and is just flicking both LT and RT to try to get out of a combo or being hit.

Substitution- Pressing RT or LT right as attack lands nullifies damage and sets you behind your enemy (requires chakra).

Support- RB or LB control support ninja (if playing a Team Game).

Tilt- A move that requires no chakra. See below.

Ultimate Jutsus (or Ujs)- Y,Y,B for most ninjas unlock moves stronger than a normal ninjutsu. These moves are regulated by certain rules specific to the ninja. Cannot land on blocking opponents. (require a lot of chakra).

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Advanced Tactics
Why explain all this crap you’ve already been taught back in Academy? Simple! Because most people misuse the basics of ninja dom. Here are a few blended tips. For beginners, these aren’t for the faint of heart and require training to understand how/when to use such high end tactics on the battlefield. Practice your Senpai’s teachings in Free Battles.

Pressing A will cause you to jump and moving with the directional pad makes you run. Congratulations on learning the obvious. But here you want to be a ninja so- enter the more stylish moves.

Double tapping and then holding A (ground)- flip-dash you in the direction your titling the directional stick.

Double tapping and then holding A (air)- no matter what direction you press, you will launch towards your opponent measuring close to half of the ring. Contact with an enemy causes stammer and any combo resulting from contact is an air combo, not ground. A blocking opponent is not affected.

Chakra dashing (c-dashing) has two properties. The first is to get close to an enemy- gaining. The dash itself is capable of going close to full screens (2/3 away, medium to long) and while in chakra dash, you are impervious to small ranged attacks (such as shuriken, kunai- non chakra charged). You can also jump and press the ninja dash, which will instantaneously land you and zip you forward by default.
The second property is to make space between you and a charging foe. Pressing back as you chakra charge zips you backward a great amount of space.

Being a good ninja is a game of inches. If you pick a ninja to play with, know your ninja’s range. There are many combinations of the style, but the most common are Long Range, Mid Range and Close Combat fighters. Grabs from some Close Combats have short to medium range, meaning that the ninja extends themselves to grab an opponent from more than four steps away, and so on. Study this Bingo Book and you’ll be fine (probably not, but what do I care).

Tooling Around- Those little things on the bottom left hand of the screen? They’re not to make you look pretty. First of all, make sure you know what all of them do. The up-directional pad tool is specific to the character and can be a boost to attk/def/ speed or gather chakra. Mere Chunin throw a tag with distance and have less than a 10% chance of succeeding. Tags and tools need to be used with less than a half screen or from behind a charging support character for maximum effectiveness. For instance, some ninjas have a nifty defense down tag that turns any Uji into a health bar destroyer. Substitute out of an enemy combo, launch a defensive down or offense up tag and use an attack Support or ninjutsu for a boosted attack.
Another advanced tactic is using a tool for Awakened form. Huh? You can’t do that, you say? Listen to your senpai! Use a tag before you Awaken by creating clutter (see Awaken Advanced Tactic).

n-dash back - RB + LB - defense/offense tag - chakra charge to Awaken

Now you’re in a killing state with a powerful boost and you’re enemy is busy trying to think of who will avenge is upcoming death.

Feinting or Baiting- Feinting keeps an opponent from reading your bread and butter or sequences.
One feint I use is called the “basic/cancel”. It involves using a basic, stopping a basic after B, B, B and the fourth B coming with a RT. The fourth hit cancels and turns into a throw. Feinting this works later in round vs an opponent who is spamming for substitution. For instance, all round you have been using this sequence whenever possible.

c-dash back - ranged - n-dash side with ranged - c-dash forward - Basic with support

Well later in the round, your enemy sees this and starts spam-subbing. That’s when you come in with:

c-dash back - ranged- n-dash side with ranged - jump A,A dash to stammer - defense tag down - support to stammer - Basic /cancel throw – chakra ranged

Ha, ha. Blew your mind there, eh? The air dash is the feint- you opponent is expecting an air projectile and you launch forward. Connecting would cause a stammer into a defense down tag and then the combo cancel. The final ranged attack lands and hits your enemy while he’s on the ground- insult to injury (most grabs can be followed by a ranged or chakra ranged by mashing Y+A together right after the animation of the throw). You’re looking at someone’s green health bar being wiped out with some players. Feinting can be anything and is used when you think you’re telegraphing your sequences.

Point to Point- Is a style a lot of people play with, but not many play to its full potential. P2P is used mainly on medium to short distance ninjas and it basically means that you weave in and out of your distances to gather chakra or attack. The problem is that this is obvious and you’re basically telling your opponent “Hey look at me. I can’t gather chakra and fight at the same time so come pressure me and I’ll never be able to fight back!”
A true P2P fighter works at any range and gathers chakra at normal intervals instead of spamming attacks. You rely on the chakra that falls out of your fallen enemies to keep your meter full (while they’re down, you charge and steal the blue stuff) and only retreat to see how they fare up against some chakra projectiles. P2P means that you are constantly changing the parameters of the fight. A good P2P sequence is:

Jump forward projectile - Support - jump back chakra projectile - c-dash forward – n-dash side – ninjutsu

Mixing it up for good middle class fighters is the way to go.

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(Avanced Tactics contd')

Awakening- So they’re in the game for a reason and are relied upon to give you a second chance at the match. The first problem is getting into an Awakened mode which is filling the chakra meter up to the highest point. A smart enemy will pound on you if you try to get some distance in order to charge, so don’t! Most nin carry chakra boost in their directional pad (Up) and felling an enemy and stealing their fallen chakra is faster than charging. But then, you can always cause clutter.

Clutter is when you fill the screen with action which blocks you from view. Your enemy is too busy minding your parachute kunai and two supports at the same time to see that you’re charging up for an Awakening. Clutter isn’t good at medium range since an enemy can n-dash around the polluted screen to get to you. It should only be used at point blank or from a full screen. Sure, you’re supports won’t hit at long range, but they don’t have to. The point is to give you time to gather chakra. Don’t forget to slap on a defensive or offensive tag before Awakening!

A note to end this: All Awakenings are not created equal. That is to say, a majority of the modes only provide stat boosts and nothing else. Choosing how and when to initiate an Awakening needs to be thought out. A quick example.

Kakashi (45% health) vs Itachi (65% health)

Kakashi going into immediate Awakening should only be considered, not an automatic response like “I have it, now I’ll use it”. If he goes into that mode, he loses his best move (Mangeyko Sharingan) and forces his opponent to drop below the 50% health in order to initiate his own Awakening (Susanoo).

Susanoo > Sharingan in every way possible.

So in this case, it would be better to bet the farm and get your enemy down below 30% or until they go into an Awakening of their own. Timing your mode a few seconds after your opponents nets you the ability to go after them while they’re in a “powered down state”. Recognize your opponent’s Awakening and match it against your own to plan ahead.

Support- This stretch of the battle is unique to the player. Any two characters can serve as support and it should fit into your play style, so I’ll keep my points brief. There are different types of supports and they all fall within Close, Long, or Mid regarding distance. You also have to take into account where your enemy will land after a support. For instance:

Support Choji- Long dashing type
Support Deidara- Long ranged type

Choji hits his opponent and the person just gets hit a few times and flies backward. Deidara’s is long ranged so the explosion has instant blowback. Another example.

Support Neji
Support Pain

Both are Close, but Pain offers instant blowback while Neji lifts the enemy with a combo (which you can jump up and add to if you’re fast enough) and then blows them back.
There is another type of after-effect of a support called a crumple, which is the enemy gets hit and just falls in place (ex. Shikamaru’s shadow jutsu support).
If you have a Close Combat ninja then at least one of your supports should be a long/dashing and vice versa. A good example of this would be Shikamaru (Mid) as my main and then have Kakashi (Long dashing) and Neji (Close combo) as supports. How does this work? Well, Kakashi is my striker who I call to rush forward while I rush with him OR if I’m c-dashing back for space. Neji plays as my stopper for close combat. If someone starts a Basic on me (B, B, B, B) then I’ll only use him to stop an enemy combo and nothing else.
I can also use Neji and Hinata for great clutter. Let’s say I want to set up for Shika’s Awakening, my sequence will go:

Chakra charge until I’m almost filled - c-dash forward to enemy - RB + LB - tag boost - Awaken

The giant wall of chakra the Hyuuga clan is doling out is at point blank range and forces the enemy to retreat or get hit. By the time they notice, I’m at a boosted state in my Awakening and business is about to pick up.
You can boost yourself almost to Awaken and then call out your double support before finishing you charge. After the animation of your Awakening, your supports will dash out to cover you one last time. It’s just like using the tags before you finish.

The last thing I want to add about Supports is that they can be used due to circumstance. What does that mean? Well, if you’re up against Deidara, then pick Deidara and Temari as a support. If you’re up against Rock Lee, pick Karin (yeah, I just said that) and Rock Lee for support. A spam-tastic long range fighter like Deidara or Close like Lee can be stopped by two supports of the same type, but they should not be used in tandem.

Yeah, I mentioned Karin. As a main, she’s horrible. But her support actually does come in handy as she has a chance to def/off/poison/slow an enemy who is caught off guard. So how’s this sound?

Attk up tag (yourself) - A,A air dash , pause Karin Support - pause, Uji - chakra projectile upon landing

The air dash causes stammer which opens the enemy up for Karin’s move which then causes combo damage and opens it up for your Uji (which is boosted by the enemy’s poison/def down status effect and your attk up). Note that you have to pause in order to get Karin to spawn close and then the 2nd pause happens after Karin combos the enemy for 2-3 hits before the Uji. Timing this is crucial but sick when you finally pull it off. If used as a first move of a match, you can put an enemy into the orange within ten seconds if the cards fall in your favor.
In short, learn which characters stammer, blowback or crumple.

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(Advanced Tactics contd')

Rasen-bouncing- Yeah, you read that right. Rasen-bouncing is the act of using your rasen-jutsu ninja (Naruto, Sage Naruto, Jiraiya, Minato) AND your support drive to beat your opponent to a pulp. It goes something like this:

· Call (attk) support throughout a match to build up support drive
· Nail enemy with rasengan
· Attk Support smacks them back at you
· Nail enemy again with rasengan
· 2nd Attk Support smacks enemy back at you
· Nail enemy again with rasengan

It’s a tough little thing to pull off, especially with Minato and Naruto. But Sage Naruto excels at the technique and can pull it off just fine. More than any of them, though, is Jiraiya. His rasengan entails an angular blowback after it hits, so when your support smacks the dumb bastard back, it’s practically flying at you just begging to be hit. And hit it you can, either with another rasengan or an even an Uj. For the other three nin, the timing and spacing has to be just perfect. You have to guess how much your enemy will bounce and fly. You also must have a completely full chakra gauge to get the best out of this. Practice makes perfect.

Now, this doesn’t only apply to the rasen-users, of course, but all the other nin have a hard time landing their moves after. More importantly, most nin don’t have blowback moves like the rasengan- the exception being Pain, Neji, Hinata and a few others. Here’s how to land an Uj with Shikamaru for instance.

· Build support drive with Neji/Pain as Attk supports.
· Call out Neji.
· Pain follows the blowback and knocks the opponent straight into the ground.
· As the enemy is about to bounce, Shika’s Uj lands.
It’s tricky to say the least. But again, the rasengan users have the advantage of attacking up to six times without the opponent being able to sub or block out of it. Unfair advantage? Sure. But it’s in the game and there’s no way around it.

Ninjutsu and Uj- The heavy moves of the game. The biggest thing I can teach you about these moves require your knowledge of distance, and I’ve already covered that. You also have to take into account the speed at which you can pull it off. A quick comparison

Tsunade- Close, quick, *enemy must be on ground
Kiba- Far, quick, *straight line, thick
Gaara- Far, slow, *straight line, thin
Kakashi- Far, Instant, *enemy must not move

All four are very different ninjas and likewise have all different Uj’s that need to fall under certain requirements for them to land (marked as *). So Uj’s can be blocked, but dodging can be tricky. A jumping opponent can avoid Tsunade’s ground pound. For Kiba and Gaara, dodging left and right is the way to go, though as you can see, Kiba’s will be harder to do so since it’s larger and faster (hence why Gaara’s does more damage). Lastly, Kakashi’s I wrote down as instant for a reason. It doesn’t take time to travel so it’s harder for the opponent to telegraph. The only requirement is that the enemy has to be standing still and that can be a problem. If the enemy c-dashes or n-dashes in any direction, including towards you, your Uj will miss. Using a Support who stammers or cluttering the screen is the best way to land an Uj like Kakashi. Same goes for ninjutsu which varies in speed and range. Learning them all are the keys to victory.

NOTE: Realize that the animation for Uj throw off where you were standing before the move. A good example of this would be Kakashi’s Uj. Even if you’re a full screen away, after the Uj animation lands, the game puts you a few feet away. Just something to take into consideration for long distance Uj users- you don’t stay long range afterward.

The most fickle of ninja moves. All nin have at least one move that involves the curious maneuver, but many have yet to master it. The unfortunate thing is that some really good jutsus are in the tilt and instead of learning and practicing them, most people (like me at first) just cast them aside. Well no more! Here’s my method. Hold the controller with your hands open. Look down on your controller and you’ll see the left stick and the d-pad. These two landmarks will help your hands process the tilt. Place your left thumb on the top of the left stick, not covering the circle, but more towards the bottom right hand side (towards the d-pad). Now look at the d-pad. It has four quadrants. The one you’re aiming for is the 4th quadrant- the one in between Up and Left. What you’re doing for the tilt is slamming the stick right into this quadrant so that you can actually hear it “click” and then back to the neutral position of not pointing anywhere at all. As soon as you hear the sound, you then press the appropriate amount of B’s to fulfill the move. Like

Tilt-click, B or Tilt-click, B,B,B

Practice these moves. Most are medium to long range, do NOT expend chakra and can always be used in an Awakened state (for non transformation types only). Some, like Kakashi’s “Leg Sweep” are useless while Shika and Kabuto only get better. Practice these moves and incorporate them in your arsenal.

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Bingo Book
In the field, beware these Ninja. Capture or kill for reward.

Hatake Kakashi

A fighter of a different class, Hitake Kakashi is as versatile as they come. Mixing up taijutsu, ninjutsu and his sharingan makes him a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.
Tool Belt:
L-Attk down
R-Kunai rain
D-Speed up

Known Moves:
Lightning Blade
Mangekyo Sharingan
Lightning Beast Running Jutsu

Fairly straightforward, Kakashi is a well balanced character that can
maximize length. His lightning blade has a crumple effect and
if B is charged to the max, his Lightning Beast Running Jutsu does good
damage at great speed. All of this expends chakra, so Kakashi should
use his supports between moves. His combos are decent but leave much
to be desired. Kakashi's throw is close only and is best used by basic/
cancelling. Keep moving with Kakashi and change the distance often,
combo canceling in close, Lightning Blade at medium, and Lightning
Running Beast at long.

Uj and Awakening
Kakashi makes up for his balanced fighting style with an Uj of max
speed and distance. It does great damage for an Uj. The dimensional
warp has one drawback- the enemy must be stationary and not blocking.
A jumping enemy (one that is jumping straight up) CAN be caught in it.
The best way is to use your support and combo into it, and the best
part is that any support works.

Up close- Hidan's Soul Hunt
Medium- Chiyo's puppets
Far-Sai's ink lions

The timing has to be perfect and has to land just as the support does.
Allowing the combos to go above 2 hits slides your opponent from their
spot, so work on it. It might be even good to start the Uji just
before the support lands in order to force your opponent to get hit or
take chip damage.

Unfortunately, Kakashi's Awakening has much to be desired. He gets
stat boosts but loses his Uj, making his Awakening something you need
to really think about using. I suggest only using it if you're
opponent is less than 50% health. In this mode, use the Lightning
Beast Running at all ranges but stay away from mid range combat and
any close range stuff for too long.

Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru is the Leaf’s top talent for a reason. He’s not going to win any awards in the flashy moves department and his motivation is lacking, but Shikamaru can pick apart an enemy and exploit any given weakness in mid-combat.

Tool Belt:
L-spd down
R-kunai rain
D-def up

Known Moves:
Ninjutsu- Shadow Stitching
Uji- Shadow Pull
Awakening- Shadow Pinning

If any nin should be played close to canon, it would be Shikamaru. He
doesn't excel at any one bracket, and is pretty useless beyond the mid-
range. But it doesn't mean Shika cannot hold his own. He can easily
punish an opponent who makes a mistake and with his support drive up,
his combos become wrecking balls. His Shadow Stitching jutsu hits hard
and crumples an enemy with decent range. His throw is close distance
only but launches an enemy away for good distance after a
substitution. Watching for enemy holes and striking with your shadow move
makes Shika the perfect tactician. If you're waiting for your support to charge, use tool like kunai rain to put a good distance between you and your enemy. Watch for enemy sequence and work in and out of danger as best you can. Constantly attacking opponents will make you think under stress, but use support and tools to keep them at medium range.

Uj and Awakening
Shikamaru's Shadow Pull Jutsu travels in a straight line with decent
range and fairly good damage behind it. Since it's a rope being pulled
underground, map you're planning your next move to ensure your opponent
doesn't see it coming. A decent clutter tactic can ensure ensnaring
your victim and put most people on the defensive. Also, Support
bouncing (rasen-bouncing) can make sure you land the Uj every time.
Beware- it's speed is decent at best. As for his Awakening, Shika gets
an extra move along with the Attk boost. Use his Shadow Pinning at
medium to long range and keep above 50% chakra at all times to avoid
pressure. Go on the offensive in this mode and keep the enemy

Minato Namikaze

The 4th Hokage is not to be underestimated. The Yellow Flash is no doubt a Close Combat fighter, but he can control most of the pacing of the match just by his speed alone. He’s possibly the fastest fighter and should be approached with extreme caution.

Tool Belt:
U-Spd up
L-attk down
R-kunai rain
D-Spd up

Ninjutsu- Rasengan
Time Space Rasengan Barrage (Charge)

A brilliant combination of power and speed, the 4th holds his own in
any fight. Even though it's easily telegraphed by him holding it in
his hand while charging, his main move is his rasengan and great combo
spread (especially his basic/cancel grab). His yellow flash c-dash is
great to feint and makes Minato great at all distances. Keep moving,
keep the enemy guessing and never fall beneath 40% of chakra. Pressure
is victory for this powerful nin. Minato's throw has good reach as he
throws his teleporting kunai and can catch opponents sleeping.

Note: Developing an attack Support Drive allows for Minato to Rasen-

Uj and Awakening
His Y,Y, A move has crazy written all over it- crazy range, crazy
speed and (stacked with tags) great damage for an Uj. It doesn’t
travel in a straight line like all the other rasengans and can catch a
lat strafing enemy. Use it at any range you think you can catch an
enemy sleeping or on a single rasen-bounce. His Awakening turns Minato
into even more of a speedster but rises his strength to where an enemy
will have to second guess standing still for too long.

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A man not to be underestimated, though it's kind of hard not to. Tobi
slips and falls all over the place, gets stuck teleporting and is just
a general goofball. But he's also the last person you should think
will give you an easy victory.

Tool Belt:
U-spd up
L-spd down
R-explosive ball
D-def up

Known Moves:
Ninjutsu- Minefield Jutsu
Uji- Minefield Great Plain
Awakening- Fire Style- Fireball jutsu

As Tobi, you should understand his faults before anything else. He
doesn't have a good tool belt and lacks powerful combos. Tobi works on
building his support and keeping medium to long range while dipping in
and out of the enemy's vision. His grab is especially effective with
screen clutter and keeps him underground for most attacks (rasengan
will ALWAYS hit, even if he's missing). A good way to start a round is
to use your def up (down) and speed up (up) to keep you moving. Tobi
at medium range fan attempt his Y,A ninjutsu which covers a crap load
of ground and sets up bombs for later. The only problem is that Tobi
pops out if he ground and poses, leaving him wide open for giant forms
of retaliation. Stay away from using ninjutsu unless it's a definite
hit. His basic combo is pretty effective and his substitution is a
teleport, which is so quick that most enemies don't see that you're no
longer there. Build your support drives and wild style to mix medium
and long range stuff, but NEVER commit to one. At medium range, dash
in, let loose a support that does steady damage while you get away.
Nothing angers and confuses an opponent more then when Tobi is all
over the damn place. Remember that. Look like you have no idea what
you're doing and Tobi becomes a beast.

Uj and Awakening
Tobi's Uji travels in a straight line underground with decent range. Again, underground is hard to telegraph from a short distance. Use supports like Hidan to combo into an Uji. His Awakening on the other hand can be quite vicious. Speed is the key here so use his def-up before going into this mode. Tobi can close gaps with ease and combo (BBBBBB) people to absolute hell. His ninjutsu, a fireball barrage, takes a fraction of a second to load but is fast and hits hard. Charge youd chakra to max, get in medium to close and use this move and your opponent has two choices- get hit and lose a lot of health or block, get instantly broken and set yourself up for even more damage. His basic combo in this form is hard to sub-spam. Use it to wittle the enemies health down. Lastly, his grab in this state is an underrated murderer of people's feelings. Someone doing a move from far away? Start your throw and Tobi will teleport and drop the hammer for great damage. The bait for such a sick move goes as follows:

c-dash back, fireball, grab

What's great about Tobi is that even after coming out of Awakening
mode, he can still flip flop around and avoid direct combat until his
mode comes back. Where you were running around and being wild at the
start of the match, a serious Tobi forces his opponents to run around
aimlessly and in distress. Remember that.

Killer Bee

The rapping 8 tails Jinchuriki is a combo master and has one of the
most deadly Awakenings in the game. An S Class opponent if there ever
was one.

Tool Belt:
U-spd up
L-ded diwn
R-kunai rain
D-spd up

Known Moves:
Rising Bomb
Light Hack

The 8 tails plays much like the other Close Combot fighters but excels at his supreme taijutsu. All of his combos do good damage and can make sub-spamming almost impossible. His Rising Bomb, best used from medium to close, is much like a chidori in the sense of the tactic to use it, but it does combo damage instead of crumple. Having two long range supports allows the 8 tails to dip between long and close range combat and since his combos seem to be built for any occassion, rely more on them than his jutsus. Also use his 3 speed up tools during battle to keep the tone up tempo. His grab has good range so it begs to be Basic/cancelled into.

Uj and Awakening
The 8 tails gets even better with his bigger moves. His Lariat! Uji packs crazy blowback. It travels in a straight line for great range with more than good speed. Clutter or supports (especially Karins) is part of an arsenal that only gets better with the 8 tails' Awakening. His Ox-Octopus transformation is one of the larger modes and can dominate the entire ring while it's activated. His basic combo in this form does great damage and his projectile creates an air shockwave that creates instant blowback. His Y,A jutsu- Light Hack- is a blast that many have no chance of blocking/dodging. What's the most underused part of the 8 tails' transformation? C-dashing. Go long and fire off a laser, then c-dash to box an opponent in. Air blast them and then c-dash backward. The worst thing you can do with a veteran opponent is rely on the laser. The transformation makes you a huge target and susceptible to attacks from the angles, supports, tags and c-ranged items- basically everything and the kitchen sink is going to be thrown at you. Getting close boxes in not only the foe but the camera as well, giving the little runt the inability to scutter off if you keep up the pressure. It's kind of cheap, but so is the 8 tails transformation.

Note: the 8 tails is one of the other nin that can rasen-bounce into an Uji. Build your Support Drive, basic/cancel grab, the person gets swatted back and on the bounce, you can let loose the lariat. Vicious stuff.


The wild Immortal Hidan strikes fear in the hearts of his enemies,
along with a sharp stick.

Tool Belt:
U-Def break
L-def down
R-kunai rain
D-attk up

Known Moves:
Soul hunt
Curse Jutsu-Death Possession Blood

Hidan is a Close Combat fighter, through and through. He has absolutely no jutsus outside of the medium range and relies on smothering opponents with his great combos that can crumple or blowback. His best combo is his launch (BBBBB while holding up) but mixing in the others with basic/cancels keeps the fight fresh enough to stop a sub-spamming opponent. His Soul Hunt is ideal up close and chips well enough. If an enemy is blocking most of your attacks, use the guard break and support/soul hunt to get your opponent in a dizzy state. Have at least one long range support in an Attk state. Kakuzu and Hidan are a named team "Immortal Duo" whose support meter builds much faster. Use this to your advantage. Hidan's grab is of decent range.

Uj and Awakening
Hidan's Uji starts off with s slash of his scythe, making it
complicated to land without the use of proper supports. Death Possession Blood is good enough to use but warrants some descretion- it's so easily telegraphed that it's almost not worth using unless your enemy is broken or stammered. Hidan loses this in an Awakened state and gains nothing but a boost in power. Make sure you rely on Soul Hunt and try your best to box in your opponent to maximize the Awakening.

10-26-2010, 09:48 PM

Originally a spy planted by Sasori, Kabuto instead became Orochimaru’s most loyal subject. A medical ninja that even gives the 5th Hokage a run for her money, Kabuto should not be underestimated.

Tool Belt:
U- chakra
L- Poison Tag
R- Explosive Tag
D- Dfense Up

Known Moves:
Chakra Dissection Blade
Forbidden, Dead Soul Jutsu

Kabuto is your basic medium to close fighter who excels because of his combos and tool belt. Mixing it up with great support is of course the way to go, but- Kabuto is just as lethal by himself. His chakra dissection blade has good range and hits for 6 hits that result in pop-up. But there are other benefits. Try this.
Rise-to-Sky combo into dissection blade
B,B,B ,U,B,B -pause, Y,Y,A + poison tag
You’ll get your enemy into the air, stop the combo and cue up the Y,Y,A so that you land and juggle your opponent. Immediately use your poison tag as they land and you’re looking at a pretty chunk of health along with 5 seconds of poison. I can’t stress the importance of the poison. Not many of the other nin carry it on their belts so make sure you use both that and the defense up tags. Lastly, Kabuto’s Lurk (tilt B,B,B) is gorgeous. I understand how difficult it is to pull of the “tilt” moves, but this one makes Kabuto more balanced. Kabuto travels underground for some time and then ends up behind an opponent. Keep pressing B to combo out of the ground. This is a maximum length move that travels like a teleport, though not as instant. Using this to catch unsuspecting long range nin for surprise makes Kabuto crafty enough to deal with.

Note: There is also something I’ve tried and only landed a few times because I can’t nab the timing, but it is possible to do the Dissection blade and then go right into the Rise-To-Sky combo as they land. In this sequence, you’ll take a lot more health from your opponent. I can’t seem to recreate it all the time but I’m just putting it out there as possible. His grab is close only.

Uj and Awakening:
Kabuto’s Forbidden, Dead Soul Jutsu has good range but takes a bit to actually start (a short delay comes out as Kabuto summons the dead bodies). The good part is that, like stated, they do have range and actually chase down a darting opponent. The unfortunate thing is that Kabuto is left wide open if this is dodged, so be wary of faster opponents who quickly bypass your lackeys. Use clutter or start tapping while in a side jump to catch your enemy off guard. Kabuto’s Awakening should be used after a defense up tag and requires you mixing in his Dissection Blade to keep opponents honest.

One of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru is a man consumed by harvesting the strongest jutsus in the ninja world. His techniques range from the bizarre to the forbidden and his motives rank him high enough to be the biggest villain of them all.

Tool Belt:

L- poison tag
R- explosive tag
D- defense up tag

Known Moves:
Snake User Jutsu
Snake Sword: Vertical Slash
Giant Snake User Jutsu
White Snake User Jutsu

Oro’s man strength is his ability to close gaps with relative ease. Though he is pretty useless at long range, he works better crossing all three points (long, mid, close) during the fight, weaving his way in and out of enemy reach and then retreating. It reminds me of … a snake? Wonder why. Hmm. Anyway- the lead for this technique is his dash. His side n-dashes are standard enough, but he has a slithering forward dash that works better than his c-dash. The reason is in a c-dash, you can’t queue up a chakra move. The slither is just enough to keep opponents honest and moves from side to side, allowing you to come out of it with his Snake User Jutsu from either right or left, depending on timing. His Low or High combo go well into this move as well (Press B,B,B and the Y,A) but the Snake User takes a second for him to rear back, allowing a smarter enemy to realize the pause and counter, so be wary of using this more than twice in a single match. His tilt move (Snake Sword) is ridiculously effective and incredibly hard to sub out of all 70+ hits- use at medium range. Snake User Is a bit farther than medium range for good damage, as also his grab. Use a defense tag at the start of the round and poison whenever you have the chance.

Uj and Awakening
Oro’s Uj is a pretty tactical snake bite that goes just beyond the medium range. You can rasenbounce a poor fellow into it and can be queued up out of his slither-dash. For his Awakening, snakes crawl up his pants and do something to him. That something is the White Snake jutsu which replaces the regular jutsu. What’s great is that this move does real good damage with good speed, size and range plus it adds poison to an enemy for 5 seconds. The only downside is the fraction of a second where he leaps back to shoot it. Fire the move, close the gap and use combos or the tilt move to really wreak havoc on your enemy’s health bar.

10-26-2010, 10:15 PM
oh crap. uuh yeah, just in case.

10-26-2010, 11:39 PM
Good bread, would eat again.

Always wondered how to play Tobi. I really like this guide. You might need a few more then 2 posts though -__- (which ive ruined...)

10-27-2010, 01:06 AM
Good bread, would eat again.

Always wondered how to play Tobi. I really like this guide. You might need a few more then 2 posts though -__- (which ive ruined...)

Tobi is my main and easily the most fun you can have in a match. I've gone against only one other Tobi and we bounced around the ring for most of the time, slipping and sliding. I forgot to mention a cool thing that he can do actually, Let's say someone fires something at you. Tobi can n-dash back, n-dash to the side and then n-dash right back. Sort of in a half box formation.

The weird way he dashes skips around projectiles at the last second. I've had people play locally with me and they want to knock the controller out of my hand :)

As for the guide, thanks. The pages I'm not worried about. I'm able to fit 3 nin per page and I'm not sure how much help I'll have to finish this, so I just might do six of the more important (famous) nin and call it a night.

10-27-2010, 01:40 AM
Im really bad with him, i played him like twice. I found with him is that he poses. Alot. So if they dodge your attack or something your left wide open. You have to totally change your play style..

10-27-2010, 02:20 AM
^ really good bingo book. Srry to say I'll have to go back and read the rest. Awesome combos and tactics.

10-27-2010, 02:30 AM
Im really bad with him, i played him like twice. I found with him is that he poses. Alot. So if they dodge your attack or something your left wide open. You have to totally change your play style..

Ha. I get what you're saying.
If you tap B once, he throws a single punch and then smacks his hands together as if it was a big deal. The whole animation you can't skip so yeah...

I've been punched in the face so many times already.

^ really good bingo book. Srry to say I'll have to go back and read the rest. Awesome combos and tactics.

Thanks. I might eventually end up calling this Bingo Book A and make a new one sometime later on down the line. It's been fun breaking down this game.

10-27-2010, 09:49 AM
Great work! Good descriptions and well informed guides.

I finally got some money on my bank account yesterday, so now I can buy premium and finally getting my own account into online battle instead of borrowing my friends.

I will have my guides made sometime next week, since I'm free the entire week I should get plenty of time to collect data with the characters I assigned to make guides for.

Also, doesn't all Ujis deal the same amount of damage?

10-27-2010, 03:50 PM
Great work! Good descriptions and well informed guides.

I finally got some money on my bank account yesterday, so now I can buy premium and finally getting my own account into online battle instead of borrowing my friends.

I will have my guides made sometime next week, since I'm free the entire week I should get plenty of time to collect data with the characters I assigned to make guides for.

Also, doesn't all Uj's deal the same amount of damage?

Take your time and send it to me when you're done. I'll make room for your nin and I have the pics already :) .

And as for the Uj, I'll take a look at them. I haven't compared two at the same time but I just guessed everyone has better/worse Uji's. I'll edit this post with what I find but I'm hoping I'm right. Ino's Uji should not do the same amount of damage as Pain, but I might be wrong.

10-27-2010, 09:10 PM
So yeah, all the Uji's do the same damage. I guess I didn't see the difference because I used Karin for some Uji's and not for others. Thanks MrLuff.

And I've added Hidan and Killer Bee.

10-27-2010, 09:24 PM
Can you do Kabuto/Orochimaru/Sasori? My favorite characters, i wanna see how you play them.

10-28-2010, 12:59 AM
Can you do Kabuto/Orochimaru/Sasori? My favorite characters, i wanna see how you play them.

Might be able to since I've done all the people I've wanted. Sasori will be a bit of a challenge for me, but I'm down for it.

10-28-2010, 01:58 AM
Kakashi's full name is Hatake Kakashi, not Hitake :) just a heads up because youve spelt it wrong.

10-28-2010, 04:24 AM
Kakashi's full name is Hatake Kakashi, not Hitake :) just a heads up because youve spelt it wrong.

noted and changed

10-28-2010, 08:10 AM
Ino's Uji should not do the same amount of damage as Pain, but I might be wrong.

I believe it's a "making the game balanced" thing :P

11-03-2010, 01:55 AM
Kabuto added :)

ALSO: At the end of the "Advanced Tactics" portion, I've added a section called "Tilting" which should help people out with those strange moves. I sort of ran out of space and had to keep my description short but I'm willing to explain it here if anyone needs further clarrrrrrification.

11-03-2010, 02:39 AM
I second FriXionX; a guide to Sasori, as well as Chiyo and Kankuro, would be amazing. I fail with the puppet masters.

11-03-2010, 02:48 AM
I second FriXionX; a guide to Sasori, as well as Chiyo and Kankuro, would be amazing. I fail with the puppet masters.

Sasori I think I can do, though I want to really get into his moveset a bit since he's the strongest puppet master. I welcome the challenge.

11-07-2010, 04:54 AM
Orochimaru added

11-07-2010, 06:35 AM
Just throwing this out there, but I find Kakashi's awakening to be much better than you say it is. Obviously fighting the computer is no indication of how good something is vs. humans, but all the times that I've been loosing horribly to computers (like Jiraya's chakra doll or Pain) the awakening completely turns it around, since it seems to make Blade much faster.

Just my observation though, haven't played enough games online to make massive statements about it.

11-07-2010, 04:04 PM
Just throwing this out there, but I find Kakashi's awakening to be much better than you say it is. Obviously fighting the computer is no indication of how good something is vs. humans, but all the times that I've been loosing horribly to computers (like Jiraya's chakra doll or Pain) the awakening completely turns it around, since it seems to make Blade much faster.

Just my observation though, haven't played enough games online to make massive statements about it.

I understand your point, but I think a lot of people just play:

"Alright. I'm losing so I'll go awakening",

Which shouldn't be the case every single time. Kakashi is a very good example of this.

Kakashi (regular)
Lightning Blade
Lightning Running Beast
Dimensional Warp

Kakashi (Awakening)
Lightning Blade
Lightning Running Beast

See how you're handicapping yourself a bit? His tilt move is horrible and shouldn't even be used. For Running Beast you have to be standing still. For Lightning Blade, you run in a straight line. Sure you can

ndash- queue chakra load - lightning blade

to keep your opponent off guard, but a smarter player knows that Kakashi can only do two main moves and combo in that state. I personally won't even Awaken to counteract vs Kakashi- I don't see the need. If the Kakashi I'm going against is Awakened, then I can use my jutsu to keep him at bay, use tools/shuriken to stop him from charging his Running Beast, and use my support every time he comes within mid to short range.

I can't even explain how many Kakashi users I've taken down that don't understand this principle.

Don't get me wrong- if you can fully utilize that form, then by all means. But I think the creators really nerfed him and he should be used (vs human oppenents) more with your head than with your thumb.

01-04-2011, 06:32 PM
I decided to use impure resurrection on my Bingo Book since some it's been a while.

12-24-2011, 04:30 AM
I'm curious why you didn't put Uchiha Itach in the book. He is a good character I jyst feel to many people rely on Susanoo to get there wins.

I also like what you put for The 4th he is my main and I know I rely on his rasengan to get me out of a lot of stuff IDK but I think people forget how fast it is. I also do the bounce just like you said I use Itachi attack and Shikamaru balance for his exploding kunai works great.

I don't like to go in to awakening though I feel it's not really a ninja way.