View Full Version : Loading has failed for unknown reason

10-27-2010, 02:11 PM
So, I picked up the game at midnight and have been playing it on and off since then. I was doing a road challenge and all of the challenges were stevie ray vaughan songs. I'm not a big fan of the texas flood album so I decided to delete it from my harddrive so I wouldn't have to play any of those songs in the future.

The problem started when I booted the game back up. I got to the press start menu and when I got past that screen a message came up saying "Unable to load save data for unknown reason. Storage system not found." However, it still recognizes all of my progress on the career challenges and how many fans I have. Autosave is disabled and when I try to put it back on, the same message comes up. So now I can't play any songs or road challenges as the game freezes whenever I try to start one.

Does anybody know if there is any solution besides switching the data to a memory card or just straight up deleting my save game?