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sibarraz 4 life
10-30-2010, 08:06 PM
Hey guys, if you had problems trying to fight against Omega Rugal, nameless or Igniz, here is a list with the requirements to fight against every boss and sub boss

Sub Bosses:
Opponent Category A (Kusanagi, Kyo-1 o Kyo-2): Finish at least 3 combats with a DM
Opponent Category AA (Foxy o Angel): Play the game normally.
Opponent Category AAA (Kula): Finish at least 3 combats with a SDM
Opponent Category SSS (Nameless): Finish at least 2 combats with a MAX 2

Final Bosses

Krizalid: Finish Stage 5 Normally
Zero (clon): Finish Stage 5 with a DM
Zero: Finish Stage 5 with a SDM
Igniz: Finish Stage 5 with a MAX2

Omega Rugal

Now, to fight against Omega Rugal, you need to beat any of the 4 NESTS bosses with your first character

For example, if your team consist of http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2915/25/61/18/smiles/21537.gif, http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2915/25/61/18/smiles/906172.gif and http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2915/25/61/18/smiles/730721.gif, and you use them in that order against one of the 4 NESTS BOSSES you need to beat one of them with http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2915/25/61/18/smiles/21537.gif to fight against Omega Rugal, but if you beat him with http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2915/25/61/18/smiles/906172.gifor http://r29.imgfast.net/users/2915/25/61/18/smiles/730721.gif you will watch the credits, unless you beat the boss with an SDM

I hope that this help you

Omega Rugal is HARD, even in level one with max gauge and max defense, also, ig you lose against him, there are no continues

sibarraz 4 life
10-30-2010, 09:17 PM
My bad, Omega Rugal requeriments are wrong, now I fixed it

10-30-2010, 09:20 PM
here is my experiences:
In order to fight clone zero(boss from kof 2000),u have to clear stage 5 with a SDM(normal one), For zero(sub boss from kof 2001), u have to clear stage 5 with a max SDM
there is no specific conditions for rugal, I think every time u will meet him as the last stage.

My suggestion is go to the option and set the difficulty to 1, single round to 1, and max power, then play single player mode, u will unlock all the bosses very soon.

10-30-2010, 09:40 PM
You might as well just play Endless to unlock the other bosses, I ran a test run and finished Igniz with O. Chris' Max2 then used Iori's Max2 to defeat Omega Rugal.

Thanks for clarifying how to fight Nameless though, even if it's essentially rewarding you for playing badly. :c

You need to play Endless to unlock Goenitz, Geese and other characters anyway. I heard spamming uncharged Kaiser Waves with O. Rugal is a good method, also Igniz is meant to have a good spamming method. Maybe someone else could elaborate.

The Stray
10-30-2010, 10:36 PM
We'll, the Bosses are probably the only method that you can use for Endless. Such as Igniz's spammable infinite DP+Y, which amounts to around 60-80 hits if kept on and on, and Endless just takes about an hour to beat the 65 characters, compared to other Survival modes in SNK fighters to get the achievements or for fun to make them shorter or faster.

11-03-2010, 09:06 PM
I tried that and with the correct rhythm it's not too bad but every now and again I'd screw it up and Igniz would just hit them.

So I got playing with the Macro editor and found two different combos that do similar amounts of damage. This was done on another Igniz, right up in his face.

d(1) df(1) [f+SP](1) N(70) x9
(Obviously you don't need the neutral frames on the last one).

Seventy frames is the bare minimum Igniz can be neutral for to do another Cain Blade T-Slice when close.
69 frames and he'll just whiff it.
(From as far away as it can hit, it's 62, but then you can't loop the macro after it finishes.)
This gives us 64 hits in all. Against playable Igniz this brought his health down to around four segments.

Another one I tried was this:

d(1) df(1) [f+SP](1) N(70)
- d(1) df(1) [f+SP](1) N(75) x7

63 hits for a similar amount of damage. The difference really is minimal.

The first slice has less frames so that you can get the enemy into the loop from afar. It doesn't knock them as high on the first hit either, and we don't want them to hit the ground like they might with a delay of 75 frames.

There is actually a limit to the amount of frames you can use in a command, which is why there's one less Cain Blade in the second macro. Once they're in this loop, they can't get out.
Count the hits and reactivate the macro as they come down from the last slash. Congratulations, you just turned Endless into a joke!

Was just experimenting and I found that if you get it just right then you can combo this into Igniz's MAX2, Brutal God Project. I'll see if I can get the frames right and just what capabilites this holds. It could work as a finisher for the 75 N-frame loop, since each attack nets you a free gauge anyway.

EDIT: Okay, got a new Igniz macro for you.

d(1) df(1) [f+SP](1) N(70) x7
- d(1) df(1) [f+SP](1) N(79)
-- d(1) df(1) f(1) df(1) d(1) db(1) [b+LP+SP](1)

100%+ combo on anything except bosses. You can interrupt the loop and start a new one if you time pressing LT right though (just as Igniz is moving his rear foot back and it's just to the right of the foreground one).
If you hit at mid-range or closer, it'll connect and you'll get the KO.

Granted it's a second or two slower than looping the whip, but you can't macro a 100% whip combo and would have to manually loop it anyway.

11-06-2010, 12:42 AM
How do you set/use the macros? This is the first game I've had to consider using them and mini-tutorial would be appreciated.

11-06-2010, 02:11 AM
Sure. Load up Practice and choose the character you want to create a macro for.
Go to Command.

There will be a preset macro, erase it. You'll see eight directions, N for Neutral, LP/SP/LK/SK and S for Simultaneous.

Pressing A will enter that command, and pressing it again will extend how many frames that command is active for. Like holding down the button. You can also press X to manually set the frames, and use up/down to skip ten frames.

The S command is a bit different, with that you can choose one direction and up to four of the buttons to be pressed at once.

People write their commands differently but usually you'll find the command followed by the number of frames, and simultaneous commands marked with + signs.

So let's say for example you just wanted a command of Iori's standard projectile.

You could use the following.

d(1), df(1), f(1), SP(1)
Down, down-forward, forward, strong punch.


d(1), df(1), [f+SP](1)
Down, down-forward, forward + strong punch.

I hope that helps. The command system is far more user-friendly in NGBC and KOF2002UM. In 98 you had to enter each individual frame and there was no counter other than doing it in your head. Nightmare.