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11-01-2010, 02:26 AM
My sims just got married and had a child. Through all this time about 8 weeks sim time, none of them have snored. Now my girl sim wont stop snoring and the man keeps on getting woken up by it and gets a "rudely awakened" moodlet. Every time he goes back to bed he is woken straight back up again. He goes over to the girl with "reaction to noisy sim" action but it doesn't do anything. As far as I know nothing has really changed to cause this. None of them have light/deep sleeper traits either.

Do you know a way to fix this or am I doomed to getting them to sleep in separate rooms?

I have also realised that the girl has a permanent enjoying music moodlet from hearing a guitar even though no one is playing one. This is beginning to seem like a bug now that I look at it.... :-(

EDIT: I have found out that it actually is a bug. I found this solution for the sims 3 on pc:

This is most likely a bug then. I had something similar where one of my sims always gave a moodlet to those near them "enjoying the music" (from guitar) Problem was that this sim wasn't playing the guitar anymore. What was annoying was that her spouse couldn't sleep in the same bed. He'd keep getting woken up (rudely awakened).

My solution was to save the entire household, then create a new game, edit the new town, and place that household back in the same spot. I kept all my stuff, skills and career, but lost my relationships with other sim "Townies" Yes, it sucked, but it reset that bug and no longer was I playing the phantom guitar.

May I ask if anyone could tell me how to do that in the console version. I already have a copy of my house. How do I get a copy of the family and also how do I place the new house in the town. Also will my completed challenges and karma unlocks still be the same or would I need to start over?

I know these are noobish questions but the game doesn't really explain much about those features...

Thanks for helping