View Full Version : 2 Questions: Section 8 and Clone wars

Owen H Brown
11-03-2010, 02:37 AM
Hello Folks,

I was wondering if anybody here has heard of or encountered a MP bug for Section 8?

I was playing quite a bit of it online and had worked my way to level 32.

Now all progress is lost as far as my XP goes and I am back to level 2. It seems the rest of my achievement progress is intact, but I'll have to dedicate a whole lot of more time into getting my level back to 32, which doesn't sound very appealing as I would not know how to avoid the bug again.

I do have one theory, and that is I quit the game just as a battle ended, I did not wait until the new game started before quitting. I would not know for sure if this was the cause. It doesn't sound like it should be.

Another question I have is regarding The Clone Wars game, which I scored for a measly $3 on eBay. My game disconnected from LIVE last night whilst I was in the middle of a mission, but disconnected, when I completed the mission the prompt told me that I had to be logged in to recieved achievements.

Now having had the connection/achievement problems with Halo 2, this worries me.

Do you think the prompt means that achievement tracking for the level I just played did not function and that I should probably repeat it? Or does it just mean that the achievement progress is being recordrd, but just won't appear until when I log on? (FUEL for PC would be an example of the latter, with Halo 2 being an example of the former).

I know these are kind of obscure games, but it's worth a try!