View Full Version : I retract what I said about the pro keys trainer achievement (details within)

11-07-2010, 06:19 PM
I think a week ago I said it didn't work because I had tried it before. I just did the advanced Glissando trainer one with pausing between every chord and note just to test it and I got 100% and the green bar that tells me it's filled. So this is TOTALLY DOABLE with pausing. I think there's some rules though:

1. You must hit a note after pausing. Pausing twice (I think) voids you from getting the 100% and green bar.

2. Let the held chords run until the end. For some reason sometimes certain notes repop up and I'd hit them again and in the end of it I'd get 118% out of a possible 100%.

Just letting you know that this seems to work. I think I just went wrong with the pausing twice in a row when I did it a week ago.