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11-14-2010, 04:14 PM
I would like to have friends who play supreme commander 1, supreme commander 2, or RUSE and who are not hardcore players or master of the game. I like to do battles in RTS's in general where there are special rules and the honor rule is involved. if anyone fits this criteria please send me a friend request. ratchetlak is my gamertag.

07-04-2011, 07:30 PM
Ruse conquest
-Defender gets 5 min. ready time to set up defenses.
-Defender must choose their faction first
-In that time defender may only build defensive units. Only at guns, aa guns, installations, and resources.
-Attacker may only build resources.
-Combat units may be built after the 5 minute mark.
-Attacking may begin at the 10 minute mark
-Each team may have 3 factions in them.
-Only 2 special abilities may be used per team per battle.
-All teams must be different factions.
-5 points are earned per win
-you may research prototype units by spending points
-you cannot build prototypes unless researched
-the only game type this is played on is 1945 mode
-there may only be 2 teams.
-both teams can use any faction they already own for free
-Each team starts with 10 points
-each team may research 1 prototype per round
-if a team loses more than two times in a row they may use japan freely with all prototypes unlocked until they win a single match.
Special abilities
1 point abilities
-Take away 1 ruse
-Negate a 1 point ability
-no Japanese for both teams
3 point abilities
-take away 2 ruses
-negate a 3-5 point ability
-force the enemy to change their faction to a faction of your choosing
-keep the enemy from using a specific unit
-no more than 5 bombers for the enemy
5 point abilities
-stop the enemy from using aircraft at all
-Long tom (3)
-Calliope (3)
-Crocodile (2)
-T95 (5)
-Puma (2)
-Wirblewind (3)
-Morser (3)
-Wurfrahamen (3)
-Maus (5)
-Skink (3)
-AVRE (3)
-Churchill (5)
-EBR (2)
-ARL 40 (3)
-FCM F1 (5)
-m15 contrearo (3)
-lanciafiamme (2)
-breda 90/53 (3)
-Carro P26 (5)
-Gaubitsa 203mm (3)
-Katyusha (3)
-IS-3 (5)
-AOV (2)
-O-I (25)
-Ha-To (3)

07-04-2011, 07:32 PM
(teams may be formed. Only 2 teams at any given time)
-Only two special abilities per team per match
-Defender receives 5 min. to build up a base before the attacker may build more than 2 power generators, and 2 ore refineries.
-Combat units may be built after the five minute mark
-Attacking may begin after the 10 minute mark
-higher tech is unlocked by spending 3 points for the first one, and 5 points for the second one, for any faction in the game.
-each team must be a different faction. People on the same team must use the same faction or if the enemy uses only one faction in their team you may use the remaining faction only if the enemy does not care.
-you get five points per win.
Special abilities
1 point abilities=
1. Keep your enemy from using a specific top secret protocol ex time bomb
2. Keep your enemy from building 1 class of unit ex. Sickle.
3. Change faction
3 point abilities=
1. Keep your enemy from building 2 classes of units
2. Keep your enemy from using 2 top secret protocols
3. No ultimate weapons for enemy
5 point abilities=
1. Take away one type of unit ex. Air.
2. No super weapons for enemy
3. No advanced base defenses for enemy

07-04-2011, 07:34 PM
Supreme conquest
-Defender gets 10 minutes ready time.
-UEF command center is the final battle map for either team, defender gets 20 minutes ready time.
-Defenders may not build combat structures or units before ready time is up(heavy artillery, loyalty guns, units besides engineers) defenses can be constructed. No attacking until five minutes after ready time is up.
-only 2 special abilities may be used per team per match. You must specify whether to target the Neutral or the attackers, or the defenders with a special ability.
-Defenders may attack, they do not just defend.
-Neutral parties may be added, only 1 neutral person is allowed, they also count as defenders, if one is victorious the neutral party gets two points they can use and the map returns to the neutral state, and they must be a random faction. Also neutral people do not play supreme conquest very often, usually the neutral person will be different every time.
-No teams of three unless you are on the final battle map and trying to take down the defender.
-attacker can only build 5 research stations, 5 power generators, 4 mass extractors, 1 radar, and 1 resource glitch before defender ready time is up.
-if you spend 1 point you can be allowed to research 5 more technologies
-un-researched technologies cannot be researched in game
Special Abilities
Attacker only
-1 point
Defender loses 2 minute ready time
Negate the effects of a 1 point ability
Disable the constructing of a specific unit or structure for your enemy
Place an extra structure before defender ready time is up
-3 points
defender may not use engineers
Defender loses all ready time
negate the effects of a 3-5 point ability
Disable the use of 2 enemy structures or units
-5 points
No ACU use for your enemy
Disable the use of air, naval, or ground (only one) for enemy
Disable the use of points for your enemy
Negate the effects of a 10 point ability.
No nuke defense for your enemy
Force your enemy to give you a free engineer
Place 2 extra structures before defender ready time is up
-10 points
No mass glitching for enemy.
Defender only
-1 point
Negate the effects of a 1 point ability
Disable the constructing of a specific unit or structure for your enemy
-3 points
Negate the effects of a 3-5 point ability
-5 points
Negate the effects of a 10 point ability
Disable the use of 2 enemy structures or units
Extra 4 min ready time
-10 points
No mass glitching for enemy
-1 point
Only in between matches: change faction, besides random, players on different teams cannot be the same faction, players on the same team need to be the same faction.
How to gain points for your team
Complete bonus objectives (varies in amount)
Conquer a map (5)
Play a point wager match (Varies in amount) an amount of points is agreed upon between the two parties and whoever wins gets the other persons points (the amount agreed upon). The loser loses the amount he agreed upon also. No rules in wager matches. Must be a random faction.

07-06-2011, 02:28 AM
Kane’s conquest
-defender gets 5 minutes to build up defenses, resources, and tech structures, while the attacker may only build a crane, two power generators, and two refineries.
-only 2 special abilities per team per match.
-you get 5 points per win.
-combat units may be built after 5 minutes in.
-first tech upgrade is 1 point, second is 3 points, and third is 5 points.
-each team may own 4 factions
-only two teams
Special abilities
1 point abilities-
-Take away 1 class of unit ex. flame tank
-take away 1 support power ex. Orbital bombardment
-change 1 faction
3 point abilities-
-Take away two classes of units
-Take away 2 support powers
-No ultimate weapons
-keep the enemy from using a specific faction
5 point abilities-
-Take away all support powers

07-17-2011, 11:59 PM
Supreme commander 1 conquest
(all times are in in game time)
-Defender gets 10 minutes ready time to set up resources and defenses
-attacker may only build resources in that time
-attacking may begin at 30 minutes in
-experimentals must be researched before they may be used
-they may be researched for the following point values
-Fatboy 5
-atlantis 3
-mavor 5
-monkey lord 5
-soul ripper 3
-scathis 5
-colossus 5
-czar 3
-tempest 5
-5 points are earned per win
-each team starts with 10 points
Special abilities
1 point
-take away one specific unit ex. Fatboy (mavors do count)
-negate a one point ability
-take away nukes or T3 artillery
3 points
-take away two specific units
-negate a three to five point ability
-take away both nukes and T3 artillery
5 points
-disable the use of one type of unit (air, ground, or navy) only one in a match
-keep the enemy from attacking your primary resources if they are separate from your main base and are energy generators and mass fabricators, once all other bases are destroyed they may be destroyed
-take away all experimentals for your enemy

08-13-2011, 09:56 PM
Ruse scenarios
1. D-Day-British and American fight italy and germany or germany and germany on D-day map. Germans side is just supposed to defend and hold out for reinforcements. If the Germans can survive until 15 min left they can attack.
2. Capture the secondary HQ- for either ffa or teams. A secondary Hq is in the middle and everyone tries to capture it. you may use anything to capture it, make sure to turn off automatic fire on building.
Supreme commander 1 scenarios
1. Played on control points-Hold the control points-one team takes one control point and attacks all the other ones, the defender tries to hold all the rest until a pre specified time.
2. Mr. president- played on assassination-defend your ACU at all costs if he falls our death is inevitable, he must also reach a predetermined location on the map to win.
3. Hill defense-played on king of the hill-one person tries to keep the other from taking the hill by building defenses around it, but when the attacker takes the hill and destroys all of the defenses he permanently gains control of it.
Supreme commander 2 scenarios
1. Bases only scenario-only structures and engineers can be built.
1. King of the hill-each team fights for a pre-decided position on the map and tries to hold it for a pre determined amount of time in one sitting.
2.Pick rules scenario-each player may pick one rule then a battle is started. Any rules you can think of (within reason) can be made. Everyone must follow these rules
3. Two teams fight where one person can only use air and the other person can only use ground. The air person may not attack any bases, only units or defenses.
4. Mixed unit battle-Players build one type of unit (example infantry) and have a battle in the middle. After all but one of the players are eliminated the player with remaining forces gets a point and his forces go to the enemy base and do as much damage as possible. The cycle goes infantry, ground/ amphibious vehicles, navy, air, all which keeps repeating
5. Control points-each team fights to control pre decided positions on the map until he controls them all, no attacking bases.