View Full Version : Grr Omfg!!!

05-29-2007, 10:06 AM
I seriously hate this game with a passion. I have never been this frustrated with a game in my life. Everything so far in the game been easy and okay until Beacon Blast! This Achievement so fucking stupid and annoying. 6 Cars crashing into me 1by1 as i get the checkpoint only to have the 0ther 2 cars already heading for the next one. I have tried every single map and its just so random and luck based its stupid. I got 6 in a row and they put the next checkpoint 20 feet behind me so the ppl following me get it no matter what. Can someone please help me out with hints or something. Career mode is easy for me I just wanna finish this achievement so i can be happy. Its the hardest one EVER!!!!! It's been 4 Hours and I still can't get and I won't play anything else until I get this achievement.

Sorry for all the hate but I am really frustrated, to the point of no return and i needed to vent instead of hit the ground/wall

03-16-2008, 06:16 PM
this is really stupid cuz they put the beacons anywhere on the map so a car that happens to be near it gets it this game is pretty lame though all around i got it though cuz i played the demo now its on my list so i want to get at least one hundred points in it.. why is that when you play a demo the game shows up on your list wtf... oh well