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11-19-2010, 05:01 AM
I have been playing a lot of Dance Central and while is far superior for real dance moves and ease of picking up and playing; Dance Masters has its strong points.

I have played a lot of DDR over the years the songs are great if you like the DDR music, may classic songs and some new ones of course. The play is like a cross between DDR timing with good, great and perfect hits, but its more like playing Elite Beat Agents on the DS with your arms and legs. You have to hit spots in the air or tap on them, trace lines and jump or tap your feet to the rhythm. There are also poses and some where you need to yell or make noise, probably my least favorite but you can turn that off and still play the songs. The game overall is all strangely addictive in an almost DDR kind of way.

There are also two features that I think will catch on in other Kinect games and I look forward to that. The best part is it uses the infrared camera to project your image on the screen as if you were standing in front of a green screen. The edges are not perfect but I'm sure developers will improve on that. Having played a few of the camera games on the move the blurry image around you is very annoying, actually seeing yourself dancing in the game with the other dancers is very cool! The other thing is the menu selection. While the sliders in DC are cool, this uses a circle draw around the selection but faster than the Kinect interface and putting your left or right hand up next to your head. It seems more responsive and quicker so far.

One final thought, as it pertains achievements. Looking at the list, I'd say its on par with DDR Universe 2 or 3 for difficulty and time to earn 1k, which is nearly impossible unless you have superior skills and want to put in a lot of time. There is one for 10k perfects, figuring 200-300 a song that is still a lot but another is to play a song 100 times so you could double up there. The worst is finding the secret ripples (hidden moves) as there are 450 of them, most likely spread across all difficulties.

Leaderboard: http://www.mygamercard.net/leaderboard.php?gt=&g=1526&z=&c=27&x=67&y=14

Nobody is even close, the person with over 400gs does not even have the lowest secret ripple achievement.

Painkiller Q8
11-27-2010, 01:50 PM
Hmm, you mean even if I love Dance Central I'm gonna enjoy this one too?

and how is the achievements? are they fun ?

11-27-2010, 07:22 PM
Hmm, you mean even if I love Dance Central I'm gonna enjoy this one too?

and how is the achievements? are they fun ?

IF you liked the previous DDR games and you like dancing games, then you're definitely going to like it.

The only downside resides on its achievements, wich only supreme skilled DDR players who evolve from the "arrow" system to the "body motion" one, since most achievements request you to complete even A/AA/AAA rating on a Stealth difficulty (Expert with stealth difficulty) and even on Master difficulty (Oni/Challenge grade difficulty), unlocking songs requires the nonstop category to get "A" grade at least on every single one (Little/Easy difficult setting), thats just to name a few wich mostly ppl are going to have problem at overcoming.

Right now im still working to unlock the last 3 songs that i am missing, stealth mode and the secret ripples (currently have 23-28/450 unlocked)

Im currently at 360 GS, wich would make me 7th on the USA ranking, but i reside in Switzerland/Italy, and there im 1°rank lol.

Leaderboard: http://www.mygamercard.net/leaderboard.php?gt=&g=1526&z=&c=15&x=91&y=19 (http://www.mygamercard.net/leaderboard.php?gt=&g=1526&z=&c=15&x=91&y=19)

12-27-2010, 12:32 PM
Should i just delete this game from my profile before i get any points on it? how many hours to get 1000 points?

Sang Hee
02-24-2011, 12:29 PM
It is really cool. But it takes longer for a normal player to get into. I've seen many people being turned off by this game because they couldn't grasp it properly.

03-04-2011, 03:15 PM
songs r better than DC,but graphic kinda poorer