View Full Version : Carny achievement does not pop up

11-19-2010, 11:47 PM

i should got the achievement for shooting the 12 can pyramides but it wont pop up. The game statistik said i have 12 / 12. I followed a guide and i found the last pyramide, shoot it down but no achievement. I went to the titlescreen later, got back to the game but it does not work. I went back to the dashboard and back to the game -> nothing. Even after completing the game i dont get the achievement.

Can someone tell me whats wrong?

11-20-2010, 05:43 PM
Popped up fine for me. Maybe clear your cache? If your desperate (and have the other achievements) maybe delete your save and start again?

11-20-2010, 05:58 PM
Thank you for your answer!

I made a stupid mistake. I just watched the statistics and thought i must get 12 of 12 can pyramides. But i already had the achievement because it needs just 5 of them.

Thats embarrassing :(