View Full Version : Easy conquering Colosseo Borgia Tower (the one used as a Walkthrough by Ubisoft)

11-20-2010, 01:01 PM
forgive me if this is posted, but I found one easy way to beat the Borgia Tower leader guarding the Borgia Tower near to the Colosseo. It is the 7:00 one used as a walkthrough shown on YouTube

On the video the Borgia leader runs as soon as he sees us, but I found an easy way to kill him, by accident. There is a pillar in front of him, and if you climb up the wall between you and him at the correct angle, the pillar will block his eyesight from you, so that he won't run. Just equip the hidden blade, run straight to him and give him a stab, and he will be killed before he can react.

So there is no need to do the chase as shown on the video. hope this helps.

Zenth Forbias
11-20-2010, 02:39 PM
Or... Or... Or... What you do is you wait to do the harder Towers til you have 6 Assassin's, you just run head on in there. and then when the Captain is in your AOE, Activate the Arrow Storm. It kills everyone even the Captains. That's how I found it easier to do the higher levels of difficulty ones.