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Legends of Avalon

Introduction: Welcome to my FAERY quest guide. This guide might help you find a solution if you're stuck or show you the last remaining side quests you need for the achievements. Notice that some of the quests offer you multiple ways of solution. I've marked those. You should always consider to fight since it will greatly help you to reach a higher level. The combat in this game is extremely easy, setting the game's difficulty to easy makes it an even easier task.

MQ = Main Quest
SQ = Side Quest
MS = Multiple solutions possible

Total Quests: 12

MQ - The awakening
Given by: Automatically given at the beginning of the game

Fly to Marilou
Fly to the top of the tower
Talk to King Oberon
Find a ferry being willing to join you
Recruit Azielle
Find a second Faery being willing to join your group
Recruit Bert

MQ - Recruit Azielle
Given by: King Oberon

Find Azielle on the beach
Enter the cave of the dragons with Azielle
Advance through the cave to the treasure
Return to talk with Oberon with Azielle

MQ - Recruit Bert
Given by: King Oberon

Find Bert near the mirrors
Find where all the pages have flown to (3/3)
Take the page that has fallen in the water
Take the page from the Seagull's nest
Take the page from the 1st floor of the tower
Take the pages back to Bert (3/3)
Introduce Bert to Oberon

SQ+MS - Retrieve the first page
Given by: Bert

Ask Bron the fisherman for advice
Fight the Mischievous pixie
Ask Bron the fisherman to lend his conch
Call Manon the mermaid from the rock in the sea
Give the page to Bert

SQ - Retrieve the second page
Given by: Bert

Tak to the pixie who found the page
Ask Arachne to mend the page
Give the page to Bert

Hint: The pixie is inside the tower, on the groundmost level.

SQ+MS - Retrieve the third page
Given by: Bert

Find the Seagull's nest
Ask for fish from Bron the fisherman
Go to the cave and as the goblins for fish
Give a healing potion to the wounded goblin
Lay the fish below the Seagull's nest
Retrieve the page from the nest
Give the page to Bert

SQ - Help Mariliane
Given by: Mariliane

Kill a crab
Take the crab shell back to Mariliane

Hint: Mariliane can be found on the groundmost level of the tower.

SQ - Carry out a favor for Arachne
Given by: Arachne

Find a swathe of fabric in the City of Mirages
Take the magnificent fabric back to Arachne

Hint: Travel to the City of Mirages and talk to the peri weaver.

SQ - Help Chugflea
Given by: Chugflea

Find Chuflea's cousin in the worlds
Search for Chugflea's second cousin
Search for Chugflea's third cousin in the other worlds
Give Chugflea news of his cousins

Hint: Chuglfea can be found on a rock behind the area with the mirrors. His first cousin can be found in the third world, Flying Dutchman, and is named Chugbee. The third one is the antique retailer in the City of Mirages.

SQ - Make Marsyas Happy
Given by: Marsyas

Find out how to reproduce the nymph's laughter
Find a bottle full of water
Provoke Seagull to make her laugh
Give Marsyas the bottle containing the laughter

Hint: Talk to the mermaid first and she will tell you to find a bottle full of water. It can be found on a rock near the shoreline to the right of Chugflea. HERE (http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/2373/dsc00583xa.jpg) is a picture of its location.

SQ - The dragon's egg
Given by: Received by finding the egg in the dragon's cave

Ask advice from the inhabitants of the worlds visited
Go and see the painter in the branches of Yggdrasil
Identify the patterns of the eggs in the nest
Go back to see Fabergé the artist
Place the painted egg in a nest
Retrieve the egg from near Fabergé the artist's home

SQ - Help Mustard seed
Given by: Mustard seed

Retrieve the seeds stolen by the trolls
Return the seeds to Mustard seed

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Tree World
Total Quests: 8

MQ - Save Yggdrasil
Given by: King Oberon

Cross the portal that leads to Yggdrasil
Find out why Yggdrasil is dying
Chase away the hornets that are harming Yggdrasil
Find another cause for the illness of Yggdrasil
Chase away the termites devouring Yggdrasil
Discover the real cause of Yggdrasil's illness
Remove the waste that is harming Yggdrasil
Tell Oberon what was happening on Yggdrasil

MQ+MS - The hornet's nest
Given by: Automatically received while progessing

Enter the hornet's lair
Find the queen of the hornets
Combat the queen hornet

MQ+MS - The termite threat
Given by: Automatically received while progessing

Enter the termite's lair
Advance through the galleries to the queen's chamber
Kill the queen termite

Hint: The lair can be found at the roots of the tree.

MQ - Toxic waste
Given by: Automatically received while progessing

Find where the waste is buried
Ask the inhabitants of the tree for help
Ask Grim if his racoon can help you dig the waste from beneath the tree
Dig to find the waste
Vanquish the corrupted dryad
Ask Fabergé the artist for the help of the birds
Return to evacuate the toxic waste

SQ - Grim's racoon
Given by: Grim

Find a way to break the trap
Find someone who never cries
Make Red cry
Give the tears of Red to Grim

Hint: Red can be found above White.

SQ - The annoying bird
Given by: White

Ask Fabergé the artist how to chase the bird from its nest
Tickle the bird
Go back and see White

SQ - The Love Fae
Given by: Galadrielle

Ask Gargamelle for a cake
Find a large spring of fern
Go back and see Gargamelle
Give the cake to Puck
Give a gift to Galadrielle

SQ+MS - Blue paint
Given by: Fabergé

Ask Galadrielle for advice
Pick the highest leaf on the tree
Find a feather in a bird's nest
Give the ingredients to Galadrielle
Give the potion to the strange faun
Go back and talk to Fabergé the artist

11-20-2010, 05:21 PM
The Flying Dutchman
Total Quests: 10

MQ - The Flying Dutchman
Given by: King Oberon

Find the origin of the problem
Ask the Korrigans about the plague
Find a way of solving the Shipwrecker's problem
Takt to the Senta at the figurehead
Stop the mutiny
Find what is blocking the ship
Resolve the problem of the Dark mermaids
Go back and see Oberon

MQ - The plague
Given by: Boatsman

Find the entrance to the dock
Convince the Chugbee to help you
Find a musket bullet for use as a cannonball
Find the gunpowder for the cannon
Go back and see Chugbee in front of the door
Enter the dock
Talk to the Korrigans
Join the Korrigans near the Shipwrecker

Hint: Chugbee can be found on the main deck, next to some cannons.

MQ+MS - The Shipwrecker's illness
Given by: Korrigan

Create emetic potions
Find a shell
Find seaweed
Find phials of seawater
Ask the Korrigans to summon the Shipwrecker and administer him with potions
Talk to the Korrigans
Talk to the Pirate ghosts

MQ+MS - The mutiny
Given by: Senta

Fight the Pirate ghosts
Go back and see Senta
Talk to the Captain

MQ - All sails set
Given by: The captain

Consult the ship's log
Get information from the Pirate ghosts or the Korrigans

Hint: The ship's log lies on a stump in front of the mirror.

MQ+MS - The Dark mermaids
Given by: Korrigan

Talk to the Dark mermaids
Battle the Dark mermaids (4/4)
Talk to the Captain

Hint: The mermaids are swimming in the water, to the right of the ship, next to some small icebergs.

SQ - Troll hide-and-seek
Given by: Boatsman

Defeat the trolls who are hidden in the holds of the ship (3/3)
Go back and see the Pirate ghosts
Search the crates at the front of the ship

Hint: The trolls are hidden next to treasure chests inside the cargo hold.

SQ - The thieving gull
Given by: Clam

Defeat the gull who has been seatling Clam's potions
Go back and see Clam

Hint: The gull is above Clam.

SQ - Limpet's enigmas
Given by: Limpet

Find the highest point of the island
Go back to see Limpet
Find the highest point of this world
Go back to see Limpet
The glint in the dead man's eye

Hint: Left of Limpet, there is a big rock shaped like a man's face. Fly into the left eye.

SQ - Away boarders
Given by: Korrigan

Defeat the two groups of dark gnomes
Go back to see the leader of the Korrigans

Hint: The groups of gnomes are in the back of the ship and behind the figurehead.

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City of Mirages
Total Quests: 13

MQ - The sacred Scarabaeid
Given by: King Oberon

Find the root of the problem
Find out how to communicate with the Scarabaeid
Talk to the Scarabaeid via the Sphinx
Find what is disturbing the Scarabaeid's vision
Defear Ifrit
Find a way of quenching the Scarabaeid's thirst
Create and install wind traps
Go back and see Oberon

MQ+MS - Communication problem
Given by: Automatically received while progessing

Help the inhabitants of the poor districts
Talk to the Sphinx

Hint: The poor district is underneath the Scarabaeid.

MQ - Help Dunyazade
Given by: Dunyazade

Retrieve the hearts of palm (4/4)
Go back and see Dunyazade

Hint: You can find palm hearts around the temple.

MQ - Help Ibrahim
Given by: Ibrahim

Retrieve phials of water
Go back and see Ibrahim

Hint: The phials are scattered around in the are where the mirror is.

MQ - Help Badr Al Dine
Given by: Badr Al Dine

Retrieve a tuft of tegumentary hair
Go back and see Badr Al Dine

Hint: You can get that blue hair from side and back of the Scarabaeid.

MQ+MS - Communicate with the Scarabaeid
Given by: Automatically received while progressing

Defeat the Peri priestesses
Climb onto the Scarabaeid's head

MQ+MS - The Ifrit
Given by: Sphinx

Fight the Ghouls
Go as far as the urn
Defeat the Ifrit
Report to the Sphinx

MQ - The Scarabaeid's thirst
Given by: Sphinx

Find an idea to retrieve water
Ask the villagers about the weaver
Find the Femnec
Talk to the Femnec using Grim's help

MQ+MS - The Peri weaver
Given by: Automatically received through progressing

Enter the tomb which is the lair to the gouls
Defear the genie
Talk to Peri weaver, Julie
Lay wind traps
Report to the Sphinx

SQ - An archaeology mission
Given by: Chughopper

Collect the vases from the tomb
Give the vases to Chughopper, the antique dealer

Hint: The tomb you are looking for is in the back of the Scarabaeid. When inside, go left at the first junction and defeat the mummies.

SQ - Help Douban
Given by: Douban

Question inhabitants of the rich district
Go back and see Douban

Hint: The guy you are looking for stands next to small field.

SQ - The husband of Morgiana
Given by: Morgiana

Investigate into the husband's disappearance
Report on your investigation to Morgiana

Hint: The husband is located in the rich district of the town, next to a house.

SQ - Help Abu Hassan
Given by: Abu Hassan

Free the well from the tegumenary hair of the baby rokhs
Go back and see Abu Hassan

Hint: Fly to the back of the Scarabaeid and you'll see the rokhs floating in the air. Defeat them and go back and see Abu Hassan.

12-30-2010, 08:33 PM
perfect...thanxs i never knew about limpests enigmas....
200/200 now

stilll says i never met 1 person on the flying dutchman, the one thats under "the hold" when u check the back button menu

02-23-2011, 01:46 AM
Thanks.. just enough info without spoiling the story, thanks

04-05-2011, 11:35 PM
MY Chugflea quest appears to be glitched, I can't talk to his antique dealer cousin about being his cousin..its the last quest i need before the 200 completion.

EDIT: The chugflea quest explanation you have written up there is so wrong, and may lead many people, like myself, to thinking it is glitched. That is wrong, you just suck at explaining.

Chugflea's FIRST cousin is in the forest world.
His SECOND cousin in is the SECOND world, the flying dutchman
and his FINAL cousin is in the final world, the antique dealer.

04-07-2011, 08:16 AM
Nice guide many thanks, proving to be a big help in keeping track of everything!

04-24-2011, 02:12 AM
Thanks for this. I got stuck on that damn ship level.

08-24-2011, 10:43 PM
i would not have found some of the quest items with out your guide. many thanks

11-25-2013, 09:05 AM
I've done everything except find that lady's husband and I can't end the damn game...I go see Oberon after laying all 5 of the wind traps...talked to the sphinx who says I saved them..Still shows one area undiscovered...I'm at a lost...ufggggggg...

05-26-2015, 05:00 PM
And yet... I still can't find the final troll. I can definitely hear him but it's so dark in the hold :-/

This is a pretty good guide though! I realise this game is old news but it was going cheap.