View Full Version : goal getter requirements

11-25-2010, 02:34 PM
im 25 wins away from the 300 win achievo..
so once i get that one im gonna delete all of fifa07 of my HDD.
start a new profile.

so i just want to know (and i think im not the only one) the requirements for the goal getter achievo.

if i do:

-them all 50 matches on semi-pro
-all 50 matches in manager mode
-every match 4 goals (and maybe if i make 3 in a match i do 5 in the next)
-check profile details to see x amount of matches x4 is amount of goals (50x4=200 at the end ofcourse)
-check profile details to see if goal average is 4

then im good i assume:)
so if anyone can confirm this ill be very thankfull:Bounce:

becoz i dont know how much more boredom i can take from fifa07 :( i can mostly concentrate for like max 5 matches :P i just want to 1000 this game and throw it out and then:uzi: it :P