View Full Version : Stats and trophies glitched

11-25-2010, 10:54 PM
For some reason, my stats and trophies are glitched for this game. I just downloaded Jenga and Pictureka and got a few achievements for Jenga(two of which were also glitched, I got them way before I should have) and then went to check out my stats and it's saying I've won -1,000,000 something games, and a lot of the other stats are messed up as well. I even have trophies for Connect 4x4, which I haven't even downloaded yet. Is there anyway to fix this?

Edit- I fixed it. I had two save files, one that was made yesterday and one from last year. Once I deleted the newest one, my stats were back to normal. If anyone else has this problem, just delete your newest save file.