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11-26-2010, 12:03 PM
So if finally managed to beat my way up to league 1. (was missing 6 Crowns for 1 hour ^^ ... argh)

Combat Tipps:

Heavyweighters are not really a problem if you dodge enough and keep them on distance and counterattack after the dodge/block. -> Superstrike them FTW.

Biggest problem for me was El Luchador or what his name is - there is anotherone unlocked in League 1 that fights similar - I have problems getting more then 8000 Points against them.

They seem to be lightweight and fast - very fast - making it almost impossible to dodge their attacks. Or if you should manage to dodge their attacks you can counter-strike them fast enough. Does anyone have any tipps? I know leightweighters don't take many hits to get blinded/grumpy, but you almost can't get any hits in. Variety seems to help - but if you don't do it fast enough you don't get enough points.

You are going to need around 12k-15k points = ~ 60-90 crowns per opponent to advance. Not being able to beat the lightweighters into submission makes it evn harder. You'll have to have lots of health and a good amount of time left? How do you do it?

What are your general tipps?

11-26-2010, 12:39 PM
to win El Luchador easy with some time and health left (good points) you dodge and make him quickly angry and soon as you get hes health flashing red. Right elbow him and before he gets back to guard elbow 1 more time.. should bring you to combo. If combo does not finish him he still can not move for 5 or more sec witch give you time to finish him.

I hate more Angel Face and Gambler.. these guys are pretty tough.

11-27-2010, 12:50 PM
Heavy weight - dodge and do low kick. Legs are the weak spot for most of them. Then move them to long range and attack from there. They can't attack from long distance with leg pain.

Middle weight -Dodge and do low hook. Sometimes one attack can do stomach pain. They can't do any attacks with that status. Move them to long distance and kick into stomach more. I did two perfect rounds on Gambler in League 1 and won 777 crowns.

Light weight. Most difficult. - Let them go long distance, dodge/ block their attack and kick in their face. Do special attack by normal punch for massive damage.

I'm in open league now so It's confirmed tactic.