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11-29-2010, 01:04 PM
Compared to Divinity II, most of the achievements are the same, but there are a few differences. Instead of doing a full new guide, I'll point out where it differs. D2 had 41 achievements for 1000 while D2-DKS has 50 for 1000.

Having played through the original campaign once more there are some changes. I think I got them all with 41 achievements from the main campaign, totalling 750 GS. There's 3 non-secret achievements from Flames of Vengeance, and 6 secret ones. Coming up.

Also needs a different road map.

Suit up! - 25G
You collected all the parts of an armor set.

Non-secret and new, can be done in the Ergo Draconis campaign (original campaign). There are atleast three new weapon & armor sets available I noticed from the beginnings of the original campaign.

Defenders of Aleroth (4)
Helmet - Bought from Locke in the Black Boar tavern.
Armour - Gotten early, possibly bought.
Vampire Mace - From a bosskill, Jagon I think.

Wild Dwellers (4)
Helmet - Gotten very early as I had it all through broken valley
Armour - In a golden chest on your left just as you teleport into Sentinel Island
Composite Bow - From a locked chest in Robin's Storage

Rivellon Guards (3)
Leggings - Bought from Derk, Broken Valley village
Warhammer - From killing the summoned demon by George Gremory, Broken Valley

Blood Echelon (5)
Armour - In a golden chest to your right just as you teleport into Sentinel Island
Leggings - From the hidden chest at Maxos' temple where you place the three crystal skulls
Bracers - Return Penelope's amulet to the grave. In the hidden chest.
Shield - In one of the locked chests in Naberius Storage.
Sword - I think I got the sword from the Hellgate/Demon encounter by the Quarry

WiP: I don't have all the specifics here, but most of these are either bought or found in chests, or from boss kills or special encounters. Just like the dragon armour, they will drop all the time. Please chime in with more info if you have.

In theory, you should easily get this if you collect a full set from any of the four island battles but these are often 10 piece suits. Unlocked for me inside Maxos temple I think, before Sentinel Island, and with the Defenders of Aleroth set.

Ergo Raccoonis - 25G
You gave Valeri a raccoon rune.

Flames of Vengeance campaign. Info coming.

Parental Approval
First Class Fireman

... and 5 secret ones I have yet to discover as I'm playing through the original campaign anew.

11-29-2010, 04:28 PM

Sunset Glimmer
12-08-2010, 12:10 PM
The missing acchievements are:

25G: Oaken Resolve (You convinced Nericon to let you cross Mardaneus Plaza.)

25G: Sharp as a Steel Trap (You defeated the Engineer.)

25G: Sherlock of Aleroth (You have discovered all five of the rune riddles.)

At a crucial point, you are going to need to choose between Bellegard or Behrlihn. If you choose the rhyming madman you unlock:

25G Lunatic and his Verses (You sided with Bellegar.)


25G Goodbye to Sun and Moon (You sided with Behrlihn.)

And the final one is for beating Ygerna:

75G: Flames of Vengeance (You defeated Ygerna.)

Do you want the tiles? And do you want a hand writing this up?

And for the Suit Up achievement, you can mindread most of the generals (or their vassals) and then loot their corpses for a piece of Black Ring armor. (Don't remember who has what, though...)

12-10-2010, 10:54 AM
Yes please =) Started this but realized it would probably take a while as I'm working on 3 other rpg's at the moment. Only had time to finish the main campaign so far and begin flames.

Feel free to chip in what you have - I'll update the main post. Or if you want to make your own guide, please do. I'll contribute to that instead if I have anything =)

12-11-2010, 10:03 AM
For the First Class Fireman, you need to pass Nericon and get into Mardaneus Plaza, which, as Sunset Glimmer noted above, will net you an achievement.

But, you'll need to cross the plaza and head into the tunnel that leads out to the main road into Crow's Nest. You'll should see the sewer entrance; follow the road to the right of it all the way up. You should see a large tree outside a burning house (coming up the road, it's to the left of the Forgotten Crypt), and Claire outside of it. Talk to her and she'll explain that she forgot her baby inside and wants you to get it for her. She'll also ask you to get her old love letters and a wedding ring. (If you want them all, which you'll need for the achievement, save, just in case, because the baby can die if you take too long.)

Entering the house, on the first floor in the second room on a desk in the far left corner of the second room are the letters. Now run up to the second floor. There might be some skeletons here for you to battle, but they shouldn't pose too much of a problem. In the first room on the second floor there is a large bookcase that has fallen over; look around it for the key to the jewelry box that holds the wedding ring.

Now run into the last room, where the baby and the ring is. The baby is on the right side of the room, and the box with the ring is on the left. Grab them all and run back out to Claire, who'll be happy to see her things returned to her. The achievement should unlock at the quest reward screen.

Phew that was a long explanation. And as for the armor Sunset Glimmer was referring to, it's called "Ulthring's armor." You must mindread the generals on the Flying Fortresses, and after having defeated them, you can pick one piece of the armor from each of them.

Now on to the Engineer...

Edit: Engineer (Sharp as a Steel Trap)

The Engineer can be found in the Forgotten Crypt in Crow's Nest. The first thing you'll encounter is a troll named Skulk, (I'd advice you to read his mind at every encounter, it'll be helpful later on) who informs you that the Engineer is his master and that there are a lot of traps in the crypt. As soon as the conversation ends, you'll note the fire-spewing dragon heads on the walls. The fire will hurt if you touch it, unless you've got good armor/magic resistance, so some caution is advised.

In the second room, after pulling a lever, you'll run into him again. After a brief conversation you'll have to get up a staircase with more fire-spewing dragon heads. There are holes in the fire, however, making it easy to navigate ones way up. You'll have to fight a few skeletons to get into the next room (with poison), in which you need to jump on the platforms and pull a lever to open the door.

Going through the door you just opened, you'll run into an Abbot, who'll be happy to see you. You'll talk, and he'll agree to help you try to get past the traps. Follow him and you'll see Skulk again. After a brief conversation you'll learn that the next room is impossible to pass, anyone who goes through will die. If you read Skulks mind up until now, you'll know that he was chanting a spell, which you can use to get by unscathed. If you did not, the Abbot will sacrifice himself and you'll get past.

Beyond the door lies the "Source Square", in which you'll find a Waypoint Shrine to the left, next to a set of stairs. The path is pretty straightforward, run up the stairs and follow the path until you come into a large yard, where you'll meet the Engineer. You'll talk and a scene will play out where you'll get slapped upon the head with what to do, and if the Abbot survived, he'll come help disable traps for you. Either way, a very easy task; the monsters the Engineer will sic at you are easily avoided.

After you've pulled all four levers, Skulk will die, and the Engineer will be easy prey. Killing him earns you the "Engineer's Sword", and you can then tell Augustus about your deeds to complete the quest.

Now that's more of a walkthrough, uh, yeah, feel free to shorten it down as you please.

12-11-2010, 06:13 PM
http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/xc/eN/14CLiGJhbC9ECxsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzEwAAAAAOfn5-iix9k=.jpg Oaken Resolve - 25G (secret achievement)
You convinced Nericon to let you cross Mardaneus Plaza.
Story Related, cannot be missed.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/CP/-R/0ICLiGJhbC9GCRsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzMyAAAAAOfn5--+-xQ=.jpg Ego Raccoonis - 25G
You gave Valeri a raccoon rune.

YouTube - Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga Ego Raccoonis Achievement Guide

The game is in French but just do the same things I did and you'll have the achievement.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Sg/l1/1ICLiGJhbC9NCRsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzM5AAAAAOfn5-taCVY=.jpg Sherlock of Aleroth -25G
You have discovered all five of the rune riddles.
Story Related, cannot be missed.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/cM/6s/1YCLiGJhbC9HCxsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzEzAAAAAOfn5-qDzmw=.jpg Lunatic and his Verses - 25G (secret achievement)
You sided with Bellegar.
See "Goodbye to Sun and Moon".

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/1S/R3/0YCLiGJhbC82CxsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzFCAAAAAOfn5-5YJMk=.jpg Goodbye to Sun and Moon - 25G (secret achievement)
You sided with Behrlihn.
At the end of the game, you will have to choose between Bellgar and Behrlihn. Choose Bellegar for the achievement "Lunatic and his Verses" and Behrlihn for this acievement. There will be an autosave before you have to make your choise, but make another save at the place of the picture below if you want to have both achievement.
http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/1771/savehere.th.jpg (http://img146.imageshack.us/i/savehere.jpg/)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/s+/38/04CLiGJhbC9BCBsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzI1AAAAAOfn5-zT7a8=.jpg Flames of Vengeance - 75G (secret achievement)
You defeated Ygerna.
Story Related, cannot be missed.

Selphie Nutter
08-17-2011, 12:58 PM
Also needs a different road map.

Rivellon Guards (3)
Leggings - Bought from Derk, Broken Valley village
Warhammer - From killing the summoned demon by George Gremory, Broken Valley


The Armour is in the locked treasure chest in the room were you fight the ghost of lord Arben the key to open it is on the alter that arben appears behind & the chest is behind it.

Selphie Nutter
08-17-2011, 01:11 PM
http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Sg/l1/1ICLiGJhbC9NCRsGG11TVkQ2L2FjaC8wLzM5AAAAAOfn5-taCVY=.jpg Sherlock of Aleroth -25G
You have discovered all five of the rune riddles.
Story Related, cannot be missed.

Actually it can be missed because I missed it the first time round & got it when I completed the game the second time

I would have multi quoted but I did'nt read this post till after lol

Selphie Nutter
08-18-2011, 01:52 AM
Ok sod this I'll add the true lockations of the armour sets some of the info is wrong or non exsitent. I'm currentley playing through DKS again anyway so I'll add the set peices as I find them.

Riverllon Guard set

Armour = In the locked treasure chest behind the alter where Lord Arben's spirit appears, the key to open the chest is on the alter.

Leggings = Bought from Derk in Broken Vally Village

Warhammer =

Wild Dwellers Set

Armour =

Leggings =

Helmet = In a treasure chest in the room at the end of the Lost Cavern (the entrence to the cavern in right next to the burned chaple teleporter). Pick up the Key off the goblin throne to open the gate at the end of the tunnel & the treasure chest is in that room.

Composite Bow =

Defenders of Aleroth

Armour = Sold by Carlin in Lovis's tower (When you head to meet Lovis after you light the 4 dragon statues to open the path forward instead of taking the shining route down head up & the room at the top is were you'll find Carlin)

Leggings = Dropped by the Hellgate Demon after you defeat him (the Hellgate is near the entrane to the Mine use the summoning alter to summon wave after wave of black ring & defeat them the final enamy you summon is the Hellgate Demon)

Helmet = Bought from Locke in the Black Boar in Broken Vally Village

Vampire Mace =

Blood Echelon

Armour =

Leggings = In the treasure chest that appears when you place all 3 Dragon Crystals in the mouths of the Dragon statues near the maxos temple. (the Dragon Statues are on the alter were you see Zig Zax) The Crystals are found around the Maxos Temple 1 is round behind the left wall of the teleporter. The next is at the top of the hill to the right of the Maxos temple (behind the big tree) & the last one is at the top of the hill to the left of the maxos temple in a little alcove that is in a direct line with the head on the Maxos Temple.

Bracers = In the treasure chest that appears when you place Penelope's neckless on her grave (the grave in near the fortune teller, & the necklace in in Lovis's tower in a small chest near a corpse on the platform near the entrence to the room with the lift you take up to see Lovis )

Shield =

Sword = In one of the treasure chests in the room were you meet Lord Lovis