View Full Version : Great Kahn's Style? (turbo achieving)

11-30-2010, 06:18 PM
Got a turbo controller so I'm hammering out these achievements with street fights. I got a question, though.

Which is Great Kahn's move set for the lambdas? Preferably the superstar set.

Tracking her progress, she's the only one (since starting this method) who retains enough steady wins to keep her superstar status going and earning good money every round (unlike Becky, the last main character I need costumes who only gets about 350 cause she sucks and is too annoying to actually play with her lack of strength and decent moves).

So when I switch to lambda's, I'd like em to all use great kahn's fighting style. So which is it? Or is there somebody else's fighting set good enough to keep the popularity high?