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12-04-2010, 07:06 AM
I take no credit for this guide, all credit goes to Jamby from PS3trophies.org. This guide will help as it is easier to print out than the one posted in the guide, however if you need a video please use the one posted in the guide. In addition this guide is perfect for those who are just stuck with some missing saber crystals.

Level 1
Saber Crystal - After force gripping the platform, it is in front of you. (Chaos)
Saber Crystal - After running through 3 fires with 2 Stormtroopers shooting at you, it's behind them. (Meditation)
Green Bacta Tank - When there's TIE Fighters shooting at you in a semi-circle area, it's on a piece platform to your left.
Holocron - After getting though the forcefield by throwing objects at the red terminals, it's on a table in the middle of the following room.
Holocron - When you first meet the Jumptroopers. The first Jumptrooper literally will be on it over a gap.
Blue Bacta Tank - Right after you defeat the 2nd mech, it will be in the door and on your left.

Level 2
Saber Crystal - After dealing with the Sith Acylote, go to the left platform with all the crates. It'll be behind the furthest ones. (Protection)
Holocron - After elevating the platforms, it'll be right next to the highest one on the platform you jump to to continue your game.
Saber Crystal - When you've force pushed open the second door, it'll be on your left. (Fury)
Saber Crystal - It'll be after the Jumptroopers spawn with the 2 red forcefields. It'll be in the upcoming room with the 'bowling' ball. Simply move the bowling ball and get this. (Healing)
Blue Bacta Tank - When you meet the gunship for the first time, while crossing the bridge, it'll be after the 4th Stormtrooper in the air in the middle.
Green Bacta Tank - Right after the bridge sequence, when you blast open the doors it'll be up in front of you on a walkway next to a Stormtrooper sniper.
Holocron - When you drop down the elevator shaft into the casino area with the game machines, it'll be on the walkway furthest to your fight from exiting. Right in the middle (like the previous Green Bacta Tank).
Outfit - When you get past the room with the 2 cyromechs, go to the Jabba the Hutt hologram, destroy the 3 game machines in front of it and it will spawn a outfit holocron!

Level 3
Holocron - Right after you defend the tram from the gunship, it'll be to your right inside a little waiting area thing.
Saber Crystal - After you fight the AT-MP, there will be 3 boxes stacked up onto each other. Move them so you can get to the platform above. When on the platform above, make sure you notice that it is right below you. (Chaos)
Blue Bacta Tank - It's in the room that's after the fight with the 2 cyromechs and the red force field. Just to the left of the bowling ball.
Green Bacta Tank - When you are making your way through barricades, it's after the second one sitting right in front of you.
Holocron - After destroying the gunship, it's in the room with the dinosaur skeleton. Take the elevator up (not all the way up or you'll trigger the cutscene) and it'll be to your right in an enclave of sorts.
Saber Crystal - Same room as the Holocron, simply just down and onto another platform and it's in another enclave like the Holocron was. (Corrosion)

Level 4
No Holocrons.

Level 5
Holocron - On top of your ship.
Blue Bacta Tank - Behind your ship under a big rock. You must lift it to see it.
Saber Crystal - When you see Yoda's house (you'll see the light coming from the doorway), it'll be to the right of it in a foggy area. (Life Drain)
Green Bacta Tank - Once you pass Yoda's house, it'll be on your left under a big rock. Move it the rock to retrieve the Tank.
Saber Crystal - After you've gotten the Green Bacta Tank continue on your path and you'll see it. (Focus)
Holocron - Literally after you've gotten the previous crystal, it's on the path.

Level 6
Saber Crystal - After you've gained the Repulse ability, it'll be after the door.
Green Bacta Tank - Once you've watched Juno from behind a forcefield, go into the room you just were at. Destroy all 8 tubes from afar by using the saber throw (http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/images/smilies/L2.png + http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/images/smilies/square18x18.png). Go into the next room and destroy the 4 tubes in there too. The next time you need to put a power core into the door, don't put it in the door it's right next to. Instead, go to the dark corridor and use the power core on that door. Inside will be 3 other tubes. The middle tube holds this Tank, but by breaking all 3 you'll get the Master of Disaster trophy.
Blue Bacta Tank - You'll come to a cutscene which Starkiller says "What could have done this?" and shows the internal damage. Before you start jumping around, there is the Tank right below you. Be sure to get it quickly and jump back because the grating that you are on will fall.
Holocron - Once you get to the engine room and get past the first area where you stop the really fast moving thing with http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/images/smilies/R2.png, move into the next area and it'll be in between two of the moving electric wheels.
Holocron - When you come across a larger mech, be sure to not jump down just yet. Go all the way right and you'll see a big fast moving thing. Get up on the curb on the platform, double jump and dash over to where the Holocron is.
Saber Crystal - Once you've defeated the Terror Walker, continue into the charred tunnel. It'll be right in front of you. (Wisdom)

Level 7
Holocron - Fight enemies until a second group which consists of an AT-AT and 2 AT-MPs comes to you. Then jump on the walkway to your right where snipers should be and go into the pod that just appeared. It will be found inside.
Green Bacta Tank - Once you get to the Engine room, you'll come across 13 unstable cores. Destroy them and it will be behind them.
Saber Crystal - After the fight with a bunch of Stormtroopers, an AT-MP, and multiple lightsaber guys, it's on your way out right in front of you. (Meditation)
Saber Crystal - When you get to a long hallway with a fire mech (looks like a cryomech, but does fire instead), it'll be in the pod the mech came in. (Incineration)
Blue Bacta Tank - When you reach another long hallway with snipers shooting you from afar, instead of going right towards them, take a left and there will be Spider Bombs, the Tank will be in front of you in the middle tube.
Holocron - When you get to the elevator that you need to move up in order to drop down, once you drop down it'll be in a corridor behind you.
Saber Crystal - Once you've used the big cannon to destroy the Star Destroyer, be sure to get on top of the cannon and look to your left. The crystal is over there and you need to drop down and get both of the blocks to get it. (Healing)

Level 8
Green Bacta Tank - Right when you start, it's on top of one of the pieces of wreckage.
Holocron - From the Tank above, look around and it should be behind some windows.
Blue Bacta Tank - When the TIE Bomber destroys the bridge, the room you enter next is U-shaped. The Tank will be on the upper walkway.
Saber Crystal - Soon after you meet up with Kota, you will fight two AT-MPs. You can clearly see the Crystal behind them on a wind turbine. Simply get up on one of the curbs, double jump and dash to it. (Disintegration)
Saber Crystal - When you go down the elevator and are greeted by a fire mech and some Spiders, it's on the left of the room when facing the doors. (Shock)
Holocron - At the top of the cloning facility, there will be a Holocron in one of the little tubes. Just break it open and get. It is on the set of circles that aren't turning. The second from the top.

The remaining 10 Saber Crystals are done by earning Gold in each of the Challenges.
Challenges' Crystals
Saber Crystal - The Combat Trial. (Fury)
Saber Crystal - Kamino Drill Grounds Trial. (Protection)
Saber Crystal - Deadly Path Trial. (Corrosion)
Saber Crystal - Deflection Trial. (Life Drain)
Saber Crystal - Retrieval Trial. (Focus)
Saber Crystal - Domination Trial. (Regeneration)
Saber Crystal - Terror Trial. (Wisdom)
Saber Crystal - The Cloning Spire Trial. (Incineration)
Saber Crystal - Scout Trooper Trial. (Shock)
Saber Crystal - Gauntlet Trial. (Disintegration)