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12-04-2010, 09:25 PM
Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time for 1000: 6 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 6
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Offline: 23 (1000)
Online: 0 (0)
Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
Sharin no Kuni is a Japanese text adventure game where you make a choice between several options given to you. In this roadmap/guide, I show you the choices that you need to make to get the full 1,000G.

Remember you can press RB at any time to enable fast auto-skip to skip through the dialogues very fast.

The notation used in the walkthrough is as follows:
#) Text:
# refers to the choice that you have to make if counted from the top.
Text refers to the actual text of the choice that you have to make.

(Make Save No #):
Make a save in save slot #. (You are to save right before making the choice below this notation)

(How to save)
During the game, press X and select Save.
(From Save No #)
Load the game from save slot #.
For example:
1) 呼び止める means you have to select the top most choice which says “呼び止める”
(Make Save No 1) means you need to make a save in save slot 1.
Every time you get a game over screen, the game will ask whether you’d like to save system data. Make sure to say YES (left option). The system data is where your achievement related data is stored, and does not auto save, so if you do not save this, you may lose all progress in the game.

Playthrough 0 (Setup and getting misc achievement out of the way)

Go to Options from the main menu. Change settings as below.

Press B to back out. Don't forget to save by choosing the left option.

Go to Extras, Achievements to get an achievement.
Press B twice to get back to main menu.

12-04-2010, 09:26 PM
Playthrough 1: Sachi (さち)
(From Initial Start)
1) …………
1) 呼び止める
1) 起こす
1) 夏咲を追う
1) あきらめる
2) 正直にプーだと言う
2) 好きになるかもしれない
2) 山
1) 山でOK
1) 川辺
1) 夏咲に声をかける
2) 悪い気はしない
2) ぜひ、プレゼントをあげるべきだ
1) 自腹を切って買ってやる
2) 休憩する
1) 水流の通路
2) 登る
(Make Save No. 1)
1) さちを選ぶ
2) 今日からがんばらせる
1) 刺す
(Make Save No. 2)
1) 今回は許す

Playthrough 1.1
(From Save No. 2)
2) 許さない
1) ふざけてごまかす
1) 真面目に話す
2) そこまでお父さんが好きか……
1) 許可する
1) 灯花に渡す
2) 優しく諭す
1) 京子さんを擁護する
2) いいわけねえだろ
2) さちに会いに行く
1) 行く
1) 京子さんを選べ
1) 問いただす
2) 夏咲を追う
1) カップルに興味あるの?
2) 夏咲の返事を待つ
2) 中に入れてやる
2) 別の出口を探す
2) 学園寮
1) 商店街
2) 灯花の家
2) 灯花の家
4) その他
2) 検問所
2) さちが心配だ

Playthrough 2: Tomoka (灯花)
(From Save No. 1)
2) 少なくともいまはできない
2) 今日からがんばらせる
1) 刺す
1) ふざけてごまかす
1) 真面目に話す
2) そこまでお父さんが好きか……
1) 許可する
1) 灯花に渡す
2) 優しく諭す
1) 京子さんを擁護する
(Make Save No. 3)
1) やむをえない

Playthrough 2.1
(From Save No. 3)
2) いいわけねえだろ
(Make Save No. 4)
1) 部屋に行く
2) やっぱり、どこにもいかない
1) 行く
1) 京子さんを選べ
1) 問いただす
2) 夏咲を追う
1) カップルに興味あるの?
2) 夏咲の返事を待つ
2) 中に入れてやる
2) 別の出口を探す
2) 学園寮
1) 商店街
2) 灯花の家
2) 灯花の家
4) その他
2) 検問所
3) 灯花が心配だ

12-04-2010, 09:27 PM
Playthrough 3: Natsuzaki (夏咲)
(From Save No. 4)
2) 行かない
1) 夏咲に会いに行く
1) 行く
1) 京子さんを選べ
1) 問いただす
2) 夏咲を追う
1) カップルに興味あるの?
(Make Save No. 5)
2) 夏咲の返事を待つ
2) 中に入れてやる
2) 別の出口を探す
2) 学園寮
1) 商店街
2) 灯花の家
2) 灯花の家
3) 向日葵畑
1) 商店街
2) 灯花の家
3) 向日葵畑
1) 商店街
(Make Save No. 6)
2) 灯花の家

Playthrough 3.1
(From Save No. 6)
4) その他
2) 検問所
1) 夏咲が心配だ
2) 夏咲たちとともにささやかな幸せを

Playthrough 4: Ririko (璃々子)
(From Save No. 5)
1) パチンコでもする?
1) ドアを閉める
2) 別の出口を探す
2) 学園寮
1) 商店街
2) 灯花の家
2) 灯花の家
4) その他
2) 検問所
5) 磯野が心配だ
(Make Save No. 7)
1) お姉ちゃんとともに社会の変革を

Playthrough 5: Harlem (ハーレム)
(From Save No. 7)
2) 夏咲たちとともにささやかな幸せを

Playthrough 6: Hougetsu Story (法月編)
From the main menu, select Initial Start and then the second option from the top.

From the main menu, go to Extra and then Graphic Mode to unlock All Graphics achievement.

From the main menu, go to Extra and then select the bottom most option to unlock the final achievement.

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Achivement Guide

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/DH/uK/0oCLiGJhbC9GFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzIAAAAA5+fn-aV7Fw==.jpg 候補生来る(To Candidates) 5G
最終試験会場へよく来た。(Welcome to the final testing area)
Start the game for the first time. Unlocks at the main menu.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Hx/rr/1ICLiGJhbC9DCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzE3AAAAAOfn5-vEGgM=.jpg ……気になりますか? (Do you care?) 5G
…気にならんこともない! (I don't not care!)
From the main menu, go to Extras, Achievements.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/uX/Kr/0ICLiGJhbC9FFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzEAAAAA5+fn-4Ryog==.jpg 特別高等人 (Elite High Student) 10G
第一章終 (Chapter 1 cleared)
Finish the first chapter.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/w4/IT/0oCLiGJhbC8xFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wL0UAAAAA5+fn-TyC2A==.jpg 甘えの末路 (The End of Yammering)10G
さちBADエンド (Sachi bad ending)
See the bad ending for Sachi (Check roadmap walkthrough 1)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/n4/Nq/04CLiGJhbC9HFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzMAAAAA5+fn-EWDhA==.jpg 夢 (Dream) 10G
第二章終 (Chapter 2 cleared)
Finish the second chapter.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Zm/jI/1oCLiGJhbC9AFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzQAAAAA5+fn+edofQ ==.jpg 食卓 (Dining Table) 10G
第三章終 (Chapter 3 cleared)
Finish the third chapter.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/9Z/Ao/14CLiGJhbC9BFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzUAAAAA5+fn+AeQ7g ==.jpg 手のひら (Palm) 10G
第四章終(Chapter 4 cleared)
Finish the fourth chapter.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/02/Hp/1ICLiGJhbC9DFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzcAAAAA5+fn+8ZhyA ==.jpg 向日葵の元で (To the circle of sunflower) 100G
さちグッドエンド (Saw Sachi's good ending)
Get to Sachi's ending. (Check roadmap playthrough 1.1)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/QJ/kJ/1YCLiGJhbC9CFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzYAAAAA5+fn+iaZWw ==.jpg 車輪の国 (Country of Wheels)20G
第五章終 (Chapter 5 cleared)
Finish the fifth chapter.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Oe/sq/14CLiGJhbC9BCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzE1AAAAAOfn5-gF6yU=.jpg Movie Mode & Music Mode 15G
Movie Mode & Music Mode Open.
After seeing one good ending, these two modes become available in Extra menu.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/do/sy/0ICLiGJhbC8yFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wL0YAAAAA5+fn-x2LbQ==.jpg 虚ろな瞳 (Fake Eyes) 10G
灯花BADエンド (Tomoka bad ending)
See the bad ending for Tomoka (Check roadmap walkthrough 2)

12-04-2010, 09:29 PM
http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/3X/XO/14CLiGJhbC9MFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzgAAAAA5+fn+OF1xg ==.jpg あたたかな食卓へ(Warmth at the Dining Table) 100G
灯花グッドエンド(Saw Tomoka's good ending)
Get to Tomoka's ending. (Check roadmap playthrough 2.1)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/EQ/7M/14CLiGJhbC9MCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzE4AAAAAOfn5-jjDg0=.jpg 新たな…… (New...) 30G
特別高等人拝命 (Removed from the elite program)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/To/0u/1oCLiGJhbC9NFQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wLzkAAAAA5+fn+QGNVQ ==.jpg 共にささやかな幸せを (Little Happiness to Everyone) 100G
夏咲グッドエンド(Saw Natsuzaki's good ending)
Get to Natsuzaki's ending. (Check roadmap playthrough 3.1)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/j2/CQ/1YCLiGJhbC81FQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wL0EAAAAA5+fn+r9glA ==.jpg 共に社会の変革を (Revolution of Society for All) 100G
璃々子グッドエンド(Saw Ririko's good ending)
Get to Ririko's ending. (Check roadmap playthrough 4)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/U-/ho/04CLiGJhbC9HCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzEzAAAAAOfn5-xH+E8=.jpg 姫君 (Princess) 20G
法月編が開放された。(Hougetsu story line unlocked)
See good endings for the four heroine characters to unlock the Hougetsu story line.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Om/mx/14CLiGJhbC82FQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wL0IAAAAA5+fn+J5pIQ ==.jpg 向日葵畑の笑顔達 (Smiling Faces in a Sunflower Field) 100G
ハーレムエンド(Harlem ending)
Get to Harlem ending (Check roadmap playthrough 5)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/jO/IL/1YCLiGJhbC9CCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzE2AAAAAOfn5-ok4pA=.jpg 警告の少女 (Warning Girl) 15G
警告劇場が登録された。(Warning girl theater is unlocked)
This unlocks after seeing the endings for all heroine characters as well as the harlem ending.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/qZ/FR/1oCLiGJhbC83FQQZXVVRGEUxL2FjaC8wL0MAAAAA5+fn+X6Rsg ==.jpg 悠久の時の果てに (At the End of Eternity) 100G
法月編終 (Hougetsu story completed)
Get to ending of Hougetsu story. (Check roadmap playthrough 6)

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/wA/CI/0oCLiGJhbC9GCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzEyAAAAAOfn5-2nANw=.jpg All Stories 100G
All Ending Complete
Saw all endings including bad endings.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/qh/PK/1oCLiGJhbC9ACxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzE0AAAAAOfn5-nlE7Y=.jpg 悠久の少年少女 (Boys & Girls of Eternity) 10G
車輪の国、悠久の少年少女のOPが登録された。(Opening of Country of Wheels and Boys & Girls of Eternity appeared)
Complete one of the heroine's story line and the Hougetsu story line.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/5v/FJ/0YCLiGJhbC9ECxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzEwAAAAAOfn5-5m8fo=.jpg All Graphics 100G
All CG Complete
Unlock all CG for the graphics mode and then enter the graphics mode.

http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/dQ/mp/0ICLiGJhbC9FCxsGGl5TVkUxL2FjaC8wLzExAAAAAOfn5-+GCWk=.jpg ペロペロしない (Do Not Lick) 20G
警告られた。(You have been warned.)
From the main menu, go to Extra and then select the bottom most option to unlock the final achievement.

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Great guide as always! Managed to finish it in 4h53m. Not much interaction with the game, so if you could organise a second TV/screen/monitor it would be ideal - I managed to watch a lot of tv shows while following the guide.

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