View Full Version : Franchise Cap Glitch

12-10-2010, 04:58 PM
Ok so I'm in my third season of my franchise. After game 12 I decided to save and then sim out the season just so I could see what Free-Agents would be available and what my draft class was going to look like (didn't save any of this).

When I got to the re-signing current players phase of the off-season I noticed that my salary was OVER $200 million and I had NEGATIVE cap space BEFORE resigning any of my own free-agents. I knew this couldn't be right. I was over $30 million under the cap during the season prior to this offseason and while I did have a few players getting significant raises there is no way their raises were that big. So I did a quick estimate of how much all current players on my roster (not counting my free-agents) were counting towards the cap. The total I came up with rounding all salary figures UP was just barely over $100 million.

So what is causing the game to think I'm at around $200 million? Glitch? Or is there something I'm missing (no I don't have any cap penalties, or I at least I shouldn't).

I remember a similar glitch in FIFA '10 which completely screwed with your money in manager mode making it impossible to continue with that team...Is this going to be a similar game breaking glitch? Am I going to have to start my franchise over?